5 DIY Ways to Personalized Phone Case or Back Cover

Face it, we all have the need to change our phone cases like we change nail polish colors, however reasonable and cute cases can be rare. When you’re in need of a phone case facelift, look no more distant than these DIYs. We’re presenting you our most loved ways to decorate clear phone cases, plus printable case templates to make your own designs. Here’s another reward is each method takes less than ten minutes! So try to avoid panicking and scroll on for some real case revamps.

Sew an Old Necktie Into a Pouch

This method is perfect if you’re searching for a trendy way to carry your phone, but you aren’t worried about utilizing the phone while it’s inside the case. This is a great chance to “upcycle” and re-purpose something that you may otherwise throw away.

Benefit: If you are going out and you don’t have to take a large bag, you can slip cash and a personal ID into the pouch along with your phone. This case functions as a smart, compact on-the-go carrier.

Spray Paint your Cover & Make it Beautiful

An amazingly chic design which will make your phone look wonderful. All you have to do is purchase a phone cover, completely any design (even a cheap one would do) and spray paint it. Give a classy look to your phone cover with Rust-Oleum Truworth Gold Spray Paint. You will be pleased after utilizing this. You will feel really happy when your foxy cover will be ready.

Benefit: When you paint a phone cover with spray paint, you can spruce up a reasonable cover or add new life to an old one. It can be done with a minimum of effort.

Craft a custom case out of duct tape

This specific design contains a solid flap to hold your phone in place, as well as a plastic “window” that will enable you to use your touchscreen while the phone is inside. This may not look as professional as other cases, but it will secure your phone while preserving its functionality.

Benefit: You should be able to see the screen clearly through the plastic “window”, and the flap of the case should cover to the right of the front of the phone. You ought to be able to use the touchscreen of your phone while it’s inside the case.

Stick lace to the inside of a clear case

Follow the front of the case onto a bit of lace. You need to do is cut the lace out, then you should coat the inside of the case with decoupage glue. Now the next step is to press the lace into the glue, then coat it with another layer of decoupage glue. Let the glue dry, at that point cut out the camera hole with a craft blade. Ensure that the glue is clear and glossy. Include a piece of fabric on top of the lace for a layered effect.

Benefit: You can easily make this at home utilizing a hot glue gun or some lace and decorative things. The best thing is that you can also make a simple slip cover out of felt by yourself. If you already have a plastic case, at that point you can decorate it to make it emerge.

Decorate a Plain case by Hand

You ought to be able to find cases in many stores that sell Phones, however you may also buy them online. You can utilize glue, paint and other materials to decorate the surface of a plain case. Consider what you need your custom phone case to say about you. Before you start to decorate the case, portray out your design on a piece of scratch paper.

Benefit: There is no reason that you can’t join acrylic paint with stickers, decoupage with glitter, or rhinestones with all. Get innovative and dream ambitiously!

Last Note:

Beautifying your cell phone is an incredible way to make it more personal. While you can simply purchase a fancy case for your phone, you can make a more unique look by decorating your phone yourself.

5 DIY Ways to Personalized Phone Case or Back Cover
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