5 Tips To Guarantee the Success of Your Students in Mathematics

Mathematics is a challenging subject, not only for children but also for teachers who daily try to find the right tools to surprise with the subject and enchant the students … all the students!

In Edutopia, Rachel Levy’s teacher tells that a Philadelphia society called Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) asked more than 400 American mathematics teachers advice on how to teach the subject. The objective? Understand what strategies they implement so that their students are motivated and successful.

According to Ignacio Silva, professor of mathematics and Project Manager of Teach thought, finding those instruments or strategies when teaching a subject like this is not only a priority, it is also possible.

Mathematics, says Ignacio, can be played, and in that sense, there are many things that can be done to make it attractive. “I think it is key to link it with everyday life and although it is not easy because of the abstracts of some subjects, there are many elements that can be linked to day-to-day life.

For example, the price, the rise, and fall, the integers, geometry, statistics, and probability “. In addition, says the professor, it is key to understand two things: didactics as a strategy to understand the background and the game as a means to do things in a different way.

Skills, games of ingenuity, Rubik cube, challenges associated with achievements; These are some of the activities that Ignacio implemented in his classroom to fulfill the goal of enthusing his students.

To the advice of this professor, the recommendations of the 400 US teachers surveyed by SIAM are added. According to them, these are the points that should not be left out in the classroom of a math teacher:

  1. Trust

68% of teachers said that lack of confidence is one of the main problems in math classes. Therefore, they consider it essential, as a first step for students to succeed, to build that trust, to show that everyone can do it.

  1. Questions and curiosity

66% of the teachers answered that the best advice they give to those students who are looking for success is that they not only pay attention but also ask, clarify their doubts. Thus, the advice they give to teachers is to motivate their students to ask questions, thus encouraging curiosity.

  1. Emphasis on the conceptual

75% of respondents emphasized the importance of working hard in understanding concepts to understand how to use them, instead of just memorizing formulas and procedures. That, in some way, is linked to the importance of the didactic highlighted by Ignacio.

  1. Authentic problems

Like Ignatius, 80% of teachers talked about the importance of teaching mathematics through real-life problems. This, according to them, is essential to increase the interest and understanding of the subject.

  1. Positive attitude

Teachers suggest that parents do not speak negatively about mathematics and, above all, avoid saying that it is difficult or useless. Therefore, they suggest motivating children not to give up and helping them find mentors when they are having difficulties.

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5 Tips To Guarantee the Success of Your Students in Mathematics
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