5 Top Influencers to Follow on Twitter

Are you one of those geeky people who love to read the latest news about artificial intelligence? If yes, then you are in the right place. we have researched and found top 5 artificial intelligence related accounts on Twitter whom you should follow right now.

Asokan Ashok ( @Asokan_telecom )

He got a bright smile just like his future and he is very active on his twitter account too. Asokan is an artificial technologist and with his company trying to make business easier by integrating his technologies and software. his twitter handle is filled up with a lot of information which may help you and he updates his twitter every single day.

If you are lacking somewhere in your business because of the technology, you have then he can do his best and can make your business more powerful with his technology he is in artificial intelligence for more than 25 years and he knows how things work in businesses. You can get his kind of skilled knowledge which he shares on Twitter by following him which may help you in the near future

Meghan Biro ( @MeghanMBiro )

Forbes analyst, ceo and much more. she is in must follow twitter influencer. you can get motivation by listening to her podcast, she shares the knowledge and the experience which she gathered along with her journey to the success. she got a whopping 140,000  followers on her twitter handle. Her timeline is so beautiful with future of work as she herself is, #Worktrends can be considered as her pittance which is quietly same as talent culture but it’s worth more than that. 

Shelly Kramer ( @Shellykramer )

She is the ceo of the design firm  V3 Broadsuit, but she is not limited to only designing she got her hands out of the designing and she advises people about how to be more empowered and teaches business how to prepare for the future in their fields and she got 100k+ followers on Twitter. And yeah her timeline is the main cause why you must follow her. 

The best skill I would consider is her digital transformation expertization, She has a great ability to transform the business into digital reliable.  Also, she is a good speaker so she keeps influencing her followings with something new every day. 

Roger Panetta ( @Nimbleatwork )

Roger Panetta is the founder of  Nimble at Work which is a consulting company that provides advises to the people who needs work and career counseling. he is also the author for TalentCulture, a content platform for the industry influencers. 

The only reason you should follow Roger Panetta on twitter is that of his nimble at work and on his twitter handle, he shares the knowledge about choosing a career and job in your life. he got 71,000 twitter followers who trust him and he’s never going to make them regret. 

Jennifer McClure ( @JennifermcClure )

Now we come to the pulse holder of million dollar companies Unbridled Talent and Disrupt HR. Her main motive or we can say the profession is to embrace leadership quality to the future of work. You might be wondering what provoked me to add her in the list of must-follow accounts? She helps the people to formulate their career and achieve what they really deserve.

She has a lot of experience in technology sources and also she is a famous podcaster. Considering these super qualities more than 50k people are active on her follow list. Now that makes sense right? And the most profitable fruit you can gain by following this beautiful soul is that she fetches expertise to her followers with each new post. 

5 Top Influencers to Follow on Twitter
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