5 Unorthodox and Little-Known ways to Market your Business on Instagram

Instagram is truly the social media platform of this era.

It has exploded in popularity, and its user base only keeps on growing. It’s the go-to social media platform, and over the years, the user demographics has become older, diverse, and sophisticated, which means you can find virtually anyone on the platform.

And as a marketer, you’re only after one thing: your audience’s attention.

But that’s not all. As a marketer, you’re not only striving for ways to reach your target audience, but you’re also looking for effective, and the cheapest way to do so.

Among businesses and marketers, Instagram has come to play a central role in their marketing strategies. Today, most major consumer corporates such as Wendy’s, Coca-Cola, Nike, Adidas, and many more have all made Instagram a part of their social media marketing strategies, and they’re all generating incredible results from the platform, able to reach their target audience with their messages in a matter of seconds. At the same time, small companies and startups have been built solely on the back of Instagram, including brands like Daniel Wellington, providing the immense marketing potential that Instagram has.

Best of all is that social media, Instagram included, is completely free, and the only thing you need to invest if you don’t have the resources to invest money is your time. With the right strategies, you can generate amazing marketing results by leveraging the organic reach on the platform and using it as a tool to get in contact with your target audience in the most creative ways.

In this article, we’ll share 5 unorthodox ways to market your business on Instagram.

1. Understand the user Psychology of Instagram

First thing first, we need to sort something out before we begin, and funny enough, this has a lot to do with marketing on Instagram.

The truth is that most businesses and marketers use Instagram with the same mindset that they use any marketing method. This includes radio, television, and print. In other words the more traditional marketing methods.

What does this mean? It means that they go to Instagram, and they stay start shoving promotional messages and ads in their target audience’s face and then hoping to drive amazing marketing results.

The only problem?

They don’t.

Here’s the deal:

What many marketers have got all wrong is that Instagram isn’t a promotional tool, it’s a relationship tool.

When marketers use social media with the same mindset that they do with all of their other marketing efforts, they’re missing out on tremendous opportunities, but most importantly, they scare their audience away.

The reason for this is that the user psychology and the way people use Instagram is completely different from other channels where they come into contact with marketing.

When people use social media, they use it because they’re looking to stay updated with what their peers are doing, be entertained, get a good laugh, pass time, and chat with their friends.

Unfortunately, when marketers try to shove ads in their face, they do nothing than scare their audience away. So, instead of focusing on sharing as many promotional messages on Instagram that you can, focus on understanding what people want and expect from the platform, and then focus on giving it to them. By doing so, what you’ll do is you’ll all of a sudden create a value proposition which makes your audience come to you instead of you having to chase them.

2. Use Instagram as a Relationship Tool

The probably number one way you can use Instagram to drive marketing results is to use it as a relationship tool.

How can this help you?

Because customer relationships lead to customer loyalty, greater engagement, greater customer advocacy, and ultimately, it leads to more sales.

THere’s nothing more valuable than loyal customers, as these tend to spend far more than first-time customers. Additionally, loyal customers are also far more likely to return to you again.

But how do you get loyal customers? The single most effective way to create more loyal customers is to consistently engage and interact with them.

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Never in the history of this earth have companies have such an amazing tool as social media which enables them to reach and interact with their audience, no matter where in the world they are in a matter of seconds.

This means that the customer interaction process has been streamlined significantly, and it also means that marketers can hone in on building customer relationships on social media.

3. Use Instagram as a Customer Service Tool

The purpose of marketing is to get people to buy more from you. But if there’s one marketing strategy that has proven to be superior all other. It’s a strategy that isn’t really a marketing strategy.

Crazy, right?

Instead, it’s customer service.

In fact, to prove just how important customer service is for sales, it has been found that businesses lose $75 billion per year due to poor customer service, according to Forbes.

At the same time, by increasing customer retention rates by 5%, you increase profits anywhere from 25% to 95%. And how can you increase customer retention? Through amazing customer service.

It goes without saying that Instagram is an amazing customer service tool, but far too few companies are missing out on this opportunity by not tapping into customer service on the platform.

If you take a look at the accounts of all the major companies, and then zoom in on the comment sections of their posts, what you’ll find is an immense number of comments, many of them in need of customer service, but most of the time, the responses from the brands are nowhere to be found. In other words, most companies are leaving serious money on the table by not paying attention to customer service on Instagram.

4. Make your Audience Part of Your Strategy

This is an incredibly underrated marketing strategy on social media, but it is one that has proven to generate incredible results.

What I mean by making them a part of your strategy mainly refers to leveraging user-generated content, but also reaching out to your audience for advice and tips.

First off, by making your audience part of your strategy, you’ll be able to build a closer relationship with them as you prove that you see, value, and appreciate all their contributions and their support.

Secondly, when it comes to user-generated content, it is a type of content that has shown to be extremely powerful in marketing.

User-generated content is content created by your audience and not the brand, and this type of content is far more trusted than professionally created content, and the reason for this is that UGC content comes off as far more authentic. Therefore, make it a part of your strategy to encourage your audience to create content about your brand, for example by showing them using your products. Not only will you show your customers that you value them, but you’ll also get access to content that is quite powerful in marketing as well.

5. Run Tag a Friend Campaign

Last but not least is the strategy of running ”tag a friend campaigns”.

While it’s quite a simple concept, it’s one that works extremely well.

In order to expand on Instagram, you’re dependent on constantly reaching a new audience. But many times, building your audience can be difficult unless you want to spend a ton of money running ads.

But one of the most effective ways to expand your reach to a new audience is to run a ”tag a friend” campaign, where you take advantage of your existing audience to reel in a new set of people to your page.

The concept of doing this is simple but certainly underrated. Run a giveaway/campaign where people have to tag a friend in order to enter, then give away a prize at the end of the campaign. The best part about this campaign is that it tends to create a snowball effect, where one person’s tag leads to a ton of other new people.

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Jens Wirdenius is the editor-in-chief and co-founder of marketing blog Veloce International and the influencer marketing blog Veloce Network. He is a social media and marketing nut, sharing his passion for business and online marketing in his articles. Jens is also a contributor to the Millennium Watches blog.

5 Unorthodox and Little-Known ways to Market your Business on Instagram
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