7 Ways to Slay Crop Tops with High Waist Jeans

Crop tops have taken the fashion industry by storm with every fashion portal selling various designer crop tops. It’s a popular misconception that only people with slim bodies can flaunt with it. Many celebrities have proved this notion wrong by flaunting their curvy bodies in crop tops. Everyone loves crop top due to its style and versatility, but only a few know how to carry it right. While there are many things with which one can pair crop tops, it goes incredibly well even with the extensively found jeans. High waist jeans were once a popular trend, but one can bring it back by pairing it with crop tops. Here are some ideas on how one can wear crop tops with high waist jeans.

Flared high waist jeans

Wearing flared jeans with crop tops allows one to achieve a balanced look. Flared jeans give a retro look and if matched with an off-shoulder crop top, it looks extremely stylish. It is a perfect recipe for a modern and vintage look. Wearing a flared crop top with flared jeans can make the look even more interesting.

Ripped jeans

Ripped jeans go well with everything, and crop tops are no exception. It looks quite chic is paired with an oversized midriff flaunting crop top. This look is good for those who do not want to expose a lot of skin but still want to look stylish.

High-waist jeans and a sweater/blazer

Crop tops are not reserved only for the summers. Smart pairings can enhance the utility of crop tops. For example, crop tops can be worn with sweaters or blazers during winters to keep one warm but to slay it at the same time. Sweaters are suitable for informal event whereas there is nothing like blazers for formal events. This attire is useful for those who love crop tops but are skeptical about showing too much skin. One must pair blazers with high heels and sweaters with sneakers.

Boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans compliment women crop tops extremely well. Fold the boyfriend jeans from the hem and pair it with fashionable pointy high heels along with a sling handbag. Blue jeans are the best for this look. This look will never betray and is appropriate for most of the formal and informal events.

Skinny jeans

Want a street style ready look? Pair crop tops with skinny jeans and high heels. High-waisted skinny jeans add a touch of elegance while the flirty look remains intact. One can either leave their hair or tie it in a high ponytail. Either way, this look will still manage to steal hearts.

The all-in black look

Last but not least, the all-black look never fails! Go for a black crop top along with black jeans of one’s choice. It can either be boyfriend jeans, a straight fit, or skinny jeans. Pair this look with black boots and black goggles (can skip the shades though). This works wonders if one is a natural brunet. Also, this look gives a slimmer illusion and is absolutely classy.

These are some ways to wear crop tops with high-waist jeans. For the first time wearers, try to choose a longer crop top till one gets the confidence to wear short ones. Confidence makes even the sloppiest attire look fantastic.

7 Ways to Slay Crop Tops with High Waist Jeans
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