Artificial Intelligence & How it Automates Human Resource Management

Today, more than two-thirds of people leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the form of navigation, virtual assistants and other features filled in your smartphone. The benefits of AI in business are invaluable, which includes increased efficiencies, data analysis and analytics and improved customer relationship management. Human resources must reinvent HR operations to drive talent strategies and AI can help you do it. Let’s see some of the AI integration ideas you can consider:

  • Talent Acquisition

Attracting top skilled professionals is challenging given the fierce competition and low employment rates. AI can screen resumes efficiently and shortlist candidates who have the skills and competencies you are looking for various profiles.

Job seekers want their experiences to be unique; they want customized approach and want to make quick decisions. AI can help meet job seekers’ expectations by offering live chat, and automating the interview scheduling and feedback process. Also, the AI can match candidates to various profiles beyond the ones they have applied for.

Organizations that use AI in recruiting can see talent acquisition costs and employee turnover getting lowered and company revenue getting increased. In addition, AI can help minimize the risk of bias as it helps HR managers make data-driven decisions, without considering any personal experiences.

  • Performance Management

AI takes the repetitive processes out of performance activities such as providing the same data across multiple requests. Most often, employees contact HR for help with routine issues and the query requests tend to be similar.

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AI can provide more timely information to employees than a phone conversation. A chatbot can reach out employees faster looking for some information online and collects customer data on searches.

  • Workforce Planning

AI can help HR better understand how employees perform and which employees are more interested and excited about the work. This can help in succession and workforce planning. HR software built with artificial intelligence can collect employee performance data, which helps in identifying core strengths and weakness, and checks how effectively skills are being applied in the workspace.

  • HR Considerations

Recent surveys revealed that HR industry has not leveraged technology for various reasons including downsizing, budgetary concerns and lack of knowledge. But, a survey conducted in 2017 revealed that HR value can be significantly increased by integrating artificial intelligence. HR managers should now consider implementing AI as a part of their strategy.

The following are some ways HR can make the most of AI:

  • AI Recruiter

AI recruiters have become more common and can be easily integrated with existing systems. Besides being affordable, AI recruiter can add ROI in the short span.

  • Chatbots

HRIS-based chatbots take the burden out of answering repetitive questions and allow HR managers to focus on strategic activities.

  • Performance Management

AI transforms performance management by collecting real-time feedback of employees at different intervals to measure effectiveness. Evaluating the data and having a strategy to measure will reap significant benefits in the long run.

  • Customized Learning

Artificial intelligence can be used for training tailored to individual learning preferences and styles. Learners can take assignments or surveys and the AI system will offer custom learning options.

Reinventing HR means doing things easily. Incorporating AI into strategies changes the way HR is practiced. This can help ensure that the HR function meets employee and business expectations and keeps up with rapid changes.   

  • Right HR Tools

HR departments bridge the gap between employee expectations and organizational goals. Digitization can accomplish this, which is why HR departments are adopting HR software solutions to achieve business outcomes. HR managers can incorporate technologies such as enterprise social media, virtual tools and automated solutions to let employees work easily in the environment. Some companies can completely overhaul HR processes by automating a wide-array of processes. Digital technologies can streamline various administrative functions, which include performance appraisals, benefits management, employee engagement, internal team collaboration and intra-organization communication. Some tools such as chatbots can manage day-to-day employee activities, freeing HR departments to focus on key tasks.

Good HR strategy complemented with automation can manage the talent base while allowing HR professionals to track employee activities. This creates a positive work environment where employees can see a difference in the organization.

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Artificial Intelligence & How it Automates Human Resource Management
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