Avoid Some Common Mistakes While Buying Hospital Bed Air Mattress

It is important to be very careful when buying a Hospital Bed Air Mattress because they are not only expensive, a wrong decision can turn out bad for the health of the patients. Therefore, mistakes like excessive height, unsuitable material, and wrong firmness and density should be avoided.

Hospital Bed Air Mattresses are more of an investment of trust of your patients than money. Patients who are hospitalised tend to spend most of their time on the bed, hence, it is crucial that you go through these common mistakes which people tend to make while buying hospital bed air mattresses so that you don’t end up repeating them. Read along to know some common mistakes to avoid while buying hospital bed sir mattresses.

1. Wrong Height of the Mattress

The patients have trouble getting on and off the bed and when you place a mattress on the bed which is too high, it adds to their discomfort. So, opt for air mattress which is adequately heightened. Adjust the bed to be as high as the knees of the patients.

2. The size doesn’t fit the Bed

Hospital beds have rails, which makes it more important for you to select a mattress, which fits the bed just right. A mattress which is bigger in size won’t fit in the bed and if it is smaller, there is always a risk of limbs of the patients getting stuck in the gaps.

3. Not having selected the right kind

There are various types of alternating pressure air mattresses, which are designed to aid in preventing and healing various degrees of ulceration. They are:

  • Hybrid Mattress: they are a combination of air and foam mattress, best for those how are at high or very high risk. They are designed to provide the comfort whilst the air alternates between different parts of the body so that the pressure keeps on redistributing itself.
  • Alternating Pressure Mattress: they are a combination of air cells arranged in a parallel fashion to facilitate the flow of air. This flow of air is crucial to cool down the body when the patient is using the bed for a long time. This cooling down and redistribution of pressure provide a healing effect. They are powered by a pump and used for patients at a high risk of ulceration.

4. Static Mattress

Static Mattressdesigned with geometrically cut figures of foam, they are good for patients at high risk of ulceration. These cells facilitate the right distribution of pressure, helping in reduction of friction.

The material is not comfortable enough

One of the major requirements overlooked by hospitals while selecting an air mattress is the degree of comfort it provides. It is not always true that an expensive and practical mattress will provide the expected comfort too. The latex and polyester mattresses, in general, are waterproof but uncomfortable to sleep on it they retain heat. Therefore, go for air mattresses topped with cotton or feather fabric so that it is comfortable to sleep on.

5. Mattress tends to get infected quickly

Go for mattresses topped with hypoallergenic or germ resistant covers so that the germs cannot cause further inconvenience to the patients.

A good night sleep works wonders for helping a patient heal quickly. Therefore, make sure that you avoid the above mistakes and get the right mattress for the benefit of your patients.

Avoid Some Common Mistakes While Buying Hospital Bed Air Mattress
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