Beginning of Privacy, Folder Lock Programs

The interest and importance of personal information is higher than ever. It is desirable to know the basic measures to prevent personal information from being leaked, as it is inconvenient for individuals, families, schools,

Personal information includes personal information such as a real name, resident registration number, and telephone number, as well as personal files and work files stored on a PC. In particular, photographs and videos recorded with the privacy of the user are seriously damaged when leaked. In addition, it is recommended to put ‘locks’ in advance for files that other users should not open.

Look at some of the folder security programs that add locks to important folders so they are not visible at all, or that you must enter a password before you can enter the folder.

1. We have only selected Folder Lock / Folder password program not introduced by ‘Special Review’.
2. The below folder lock program is not for backup purposes. It is recommended to copy / back up important files or folders separately.
3. The folder password / lock program shown below will prevent access to folders or files if the password is lost, so thorough password management is required.
4. If you uninstall the password / lock program with password or lock function , you can lose the password / lock folder.

Live Scout

A Live Scanner is a simple program that hides a specific folder (program installation folder) like a safe. If you download the installation file and proceed with the installation, you will have to enter the password twice, which will be used later to open and lock the ‘Safes’ folder.

When the installation is complete, the ‘locker’ folder is created in the program installation folder (eg C: \ Program Files (x86) \ LiveLocker) . Now run the Live Scanner, then enter the password (entered during installation) to open the locker folder and copy the files you want to hide.

After completing the copy, click the ‘Folder Lock’ button and the locker folder will disappear from the Explorer. Of course, this folder and the files in the folder do not appear when I search.

If you need to reopen the folder, run the Live Scanner, enter the password, and click the ‘Open Folder’ button. If you exit the Live Scanner without locking the folder, you will be prompted to lock the folder first.
The Live Scanner has the disadvantage of not being able to change the path of the Safes folder, but it is a useful program that provides a very simple but powerful locking function.

My Locker

MyLocker is similar to LiveLocker, but you can change the folder you want to lock. After the initial installation, you can leave the blank password and press the login button. Therefore, you must set the password after completing the folder lock setting.

To lock select a folder and press the ‘Lock’ button on the left menu, “Status (state) ” icon will change to ‘ON’, the later with the folder it disappears from the Explorer. Likewise, the folder does not appear in the file / folder search

When you press the ‘Unlock’ button, the folder appears again on the explorer. My Locker also asks if you want to quit the program without locking the folder, because the folder is not locked and you want to lock it. The password can be changed by pressing the ‘Advanced’ button.

Note that if you remove the My Locker with the folder locked, the folder will remain hidden. In this case, reinstalling MyLocker brings back the old lock settings.

Private Folder

A private folder is a program that provides various lock / protect functions even with small capacity. In particular, it is possible to lock multiple folders, hide folders, and lock individual folders.

After downloading and installing the installation file, run the private folder, click the ‘Add Rule’ button on the right side and find the folder to be locked and select it. At this time, select the ‘Hide Folder’ option to hide the folder, or the ‘Lock Folder’ option to password-lock the folder.

When the folder is hidden, you have to run the private folder again and press the ‘Unlock’ button to reopen the folder. If the folder is not hidden, double-click the folder to enter the password and enter the password set in the private folder to enter the folder.

In addition, at the bottom of the program window ‘Automatically lock / hide unlocked folder … ‘Option, the folder will be locked or hidden automatically after a specified time (if set to’ 0 ‘, auto lock / hide function does not work) .

KaKa Folder Protector

Kaka Protector is a one-shot executable program that does not require installation steps. If you download and run it, you can proceed password / lock setting immediately. Select the folder you want to lock, then enter the password and press the ‘Protect’ button to lock the folder.

However, the folder is not hidden and only the Kaka Protector icon appears in the locked folder. If you double click this icon, Kaka folder will be run again and you will be asked for your password. At this time , it asks whether to completely release the locked folder (Complete) or temporarily release it (Temporary) , or to release it as a separate virtual drive folder (Virtual Drive) instead of the original folder .

The Kaka Protector can be locked by specifying different folders each time it is run, and the lock folder list can be checked through the ‘Search’ tab after pressing the ‘SETTINGS’ button at the top of the program window.
You can also enter the password hint by pressing the expand button on the right side of the program window, which prevents password loss.

Beginning of Privacy, Folder Lock Programs
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