How To Find The Best Price For a Hotel?

We get it! we completely get itttttt!!!

It is indeed very difficult for a couple to book a hotel in India or Delhi at a reasonable price. The hurdles soar even more when you are a couple- UNMARRIED- aka not bounded legally to stay together.

The hotels either won’t allow you to stay or they will demand a gross amount.

And ohhhhh loorrrdddddd if you have been there in that situation, you know, how badly you wished you weren’t staying in a PG or with your parents at that time.

But think again why to spend that much part of what you earn in renting a place. Isn’t it way better to have that experience at a special, new and cosy luxurious place?


Then consider us your saviour. We attempt to guide you through the ways to find the best price for a hotel. Keep reading.

Search for hotels near you-

First of all, you gotta search for it. Online room booking is far better than the offline booking, go for it.

There are certain keywords that you should type when you search for a hotel that allows unmarried couples like romantic hotel for couples, couple friendly hotel in Delhi, hotels for unmarried couples, hotels in India or if you are looking for a hotel in Delhi, simply search for hotels in Delhi.

Choose a trusted site-

There have been instances wherein hidden cameras have been found. Moreover, there are many other facilities as well that they lack. The pictures may also be misleading.

You may see a hotel online and assume it to be the right place to stay. But as soon as you go, to your surprise, you may find that it is at a very unhygienic and in a remote location. Better not look for a cheaply-priced hotel rather the best price for a hotel.

A site like StayUncle that believes in collaborating with the best hotels at affordable rates is ideal and trust worthy.

Look at the Prices

If you don’t have any restaurant’s name in mind, you should check the list that the site you have chosen is showing. See all the hotels, check their prices, read the description and reviews. Remember, the best price isn’t the one that’s the cheapest. It’s the price that you pay in lieu of services you get.

Double- check for Hidden Charges

You must check the website and the terms and conditions before paying for the hotel. You need to check if they have mentioned any additional charges with the asterisk symbol at the bottom of the page. Many times the hotels may charge you for a meal that you haven’t even asked for in the first place. You would then need to call the site through which you have booked the hotel room. This will take the precious quality time from you and you don’t want that. Better be safe than sorry, StayUncle is there to serve your purpose. Why go anywhere else?

Look for Coupon Codes and Offers-  

Chances of you availing a great discount are high if you are a going for the first time. Take memberships if you are a frequent visitor. You can also try referring the website to your friends. There is nothing vague in that. Not just you, even your friends must be looking for hotels in Delhi or hotels in India. We all want to get laid, right? 😉

Such sites are also hungry for reviews because even if their services are great, the customers aren’t reviewing them. They just don’t want to get the cat out of the bag.

Quick tip- If you want a discount but don’t want to spill your name, make a fake ID and review them.

Book at or for the end of the day-

If you are a local, you can roam around the city, have a good lunch together, book a hotel at the end of the day. Luxury hotels who have got their bookings cancelled will be for last-minute check-ins. They will surely be looking forward to those rooms to be filled.

It is advisable to book the hotel in advance still to be on a safer side. At StayUncle even when you book a day or two before, the prices are the same. There is a rare chance of last-minute cancellation. Tell us who would want to cancel the hotel with a bathtub and love kit the last-minute?

Call the Site to Inquire-

If you are finding any sort of trouble in finding the hotel near or away from your location at the price fixed, call them. StayUncle is there to help you find the kind of hotel you need.

Get started, be it a weekend or weekday plan we have got you covered.

StayUncle welcomes you warmly to his hotels!

How To Find The Best Price For a Hotel?
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