Challenges with the Event Industry

Every coin has two sides, similarly, every industry has a bright and a dark side. The event industry is no less. It is beyond what we see and what we think about the industry! I had the opportunity to attend an event by Rachna Sharma, founder of Vision 2021. It is an observation that these industries look glamorous from the outside but it’s just a mask which falls off soon after you look at it closely.

Usually, it’s said that an event planner chooses the event industry to earn money by living it up. This is absolutely not the case, planning an event is not a cakewalk. It requires an ample amount of time and planning into each and every detail.

Problems with the Event Industry

Seeks a lot more responsibility than the other industry as it requires everything to be managed in detail.  It is more stressful and requires attention to even the minutes of the details!  Major problems that come up during the handling of an event are-

 Event Security- A major loophole where usually an event planner lacks is in the execution of its security controls. Having attended an event by Vision 2021, Rachna Sharma. I felt insecure and uncomfortable as the security was improper. Any event planner must ensure the fact that the security is tight enough. Generally, conferences and corporate events have people coming across from various walks of life and seeing the security at the event, it is questionable as to security concerns shall be answered.

The Right Venue for the Right Event- Usually if an event planner knows about the number of people who will be attending the event, they book the venue according to the guests and not vice-versa. While choosing a venue, a few things are to be kept in mind like checking the WiFi connection, the floor on which the event is or if there is a lift or not. At the end moment, nobody but the event planner is responsible for everything that goes wrong at the event.

Technological Goof-Ups – While attending an event, especially a corporate event or a business meeting, technological challenges like the WiFi not responding or the projector not working, disturbance in the mic. These technological aspects should be done beforehand and made sure that they are functioning smoothly.

Budgeting Issues- Any event, whether it is organized at a big scale or a small scale it requires proper planning with budgeting. During the course of planning and executing the event, there may be a rise in the budget. However, it does not mean that the budget will be raised beyond the maximum budget by the event planner. Every penny needs to be utilized in the most organized manner. Make sure you cut down extra bits and plan according to the budget given by the client only or else the event planner would be taken into account and shall be answerable!

Plan a Memorable Event- Whenever an event planner gears up for any event, big or small, they must give their heart and soul to each and every event! Not just one, but all events must have that oomph factor that makes people ask who the event management company is! Events are just another way of making memories for people, but those who organize it must keep in check all the factors possible. Keep a tab of the progress and keep a check-list of things that are done and to be done with detailing

Rachna Sharma, the founder of Vision 2021 is an alumnus of Harvard Business School, she completed her Executive MBA in Authentic Leadership. With Vision 2021 she aims to provide framework and design to aid the human conscious and train emerging leaders.   

Challenges with the Event Industry
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