How to Deal with the Common Travel Ailments

Many of us have suffered from physical and emotional stress while traveling.

How to Deal with the Common Travel Ailments

Some common ailments, like diarrhea, aches and pains, can change your vacation into a miserable experience. If we don’t feel well at home, the most effective solution is to consult the doctor. But how should we deal with travel ailments?

1. Air travel

A long trip by plane is not only boring, tired, uncomfortable, but also unhealthy. Here are some tips to make your trip more enjoyable and more comfortable: Before you leave, you’d better get the basic information of the aircraft, for instance, when it leaves and when it arrives.

Chew something, like gum, to reduce the pain during the plane’s takeoff and landing.
Make yourself occupied. You can prepare something to read, write, or even to think.
Change your sitting positions frequently, and stretch your legs and arms to help your blood circulate.

If you get queasy easily, it will be necessary for you to know where the emesis bag is.
It is extremely dangerous to smoke on the plane, so please don’t smoke secretly in the restroom or washroom. If your cigarette was not entirely extinguished, it might lead to a disaster.

Bring some comfort items, like soft pillows for your kids when you travel with them. But make sure the stuff you bring doesn’t take up too much room and you won’t bother or affect your neighbors.

Prepare some over-the-counter medications which you might use during your travel.

2. While on board

If you are not careful enough, you might get some infectious diseases when traveling on cruise ships. And your long-waited trip would be ruined. Don’t worry, just read the following tips and take enough precautions, and the risks will be largely reduced.

Washing hands carefully is the most convenient way to defense some disease-causing germs. To wash with soap and warm water is even better. You can also buy some instant hand sanitizer. And when you start eating something, make sure your hands are clean, especially after coming back from public places.

When you pack before the travel, do not forget to bring some useful medications and some disinfecting tools, like wipes, hand sanitizer, and the like.

It is recommended that you bring some bottled water, because some people are not accustomed to other places’ water. Besides, drinking bottled water it’s also an effective way to defense disease-causing germs.

The following might be helpful to combat seasickness:

  • Do exercises, like jogging, walking, etc.
  • Eat healthier.
  • Ensure enough rest every day by going to bed earlier.
  • Always have a good mood.

3. Travel Abroad

Traveling abroad should be wonderful. But too many people end up with illnesses. How can we protect ourselves from some common travel ailments? And what should we do if we unfortunately get sick?

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As the most common disease, diarrhea may be caused by not adjusting to the local climate or the new way of living. Usually we will recover in one or two days without taking any medicine, but it can become dreadfully serious if we are not careful enough. Getting advice from the doctor and bringing some useful medications are necessary. Or you can bring a first-aid kit and put all the safety items in it. But please notice that different countries may have different restrictions on medicine. Be aware of that before your departure.


Pay attention to the food. If possible, cook by yourself, and eat more vegetables and fruits. Don’t eat unhealthy or unhygienic food outside. Otherwise you might be in the danger of getting food poisoning.

It’s also necessary for you to know what kind of vaccination you should take before going to another country. Visit relevant websites about the disease control and take the vaccination at least one week earlier before your trip.


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How to Deal with the Common Travel Ailments
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