Does AI Based Advanced Technology will take Away your Job?

AI is the most streamlined topic on today’s world. It’s building and growing gradually and becoming a step better than it was earlier. No one defy the fact that it’s going to be a revolutionary world at about 2050. Yeah thats true it’s not ignorable fact that robots and AI built machines will stand side by side wrt. humans. But they are as smart and effective as an individual has put in an effort. No bots are way too smarter than the humans and that is true. But we find that there are a lot of jobs that AI is and will take away from the humans. This is also true!!

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So here’s a List of top 11 JOBS that AI will take away from humans…

1. Farming – In the Agricultural Field, there’s a lot more improvements going on like AI based advanced technology drones, the machine that will farm the field, water, harvest and other basic necessity will be covered by the machines itself. There will be very less amount of work for humans and more amount of works will be performed by self-driven machines. Lot of tasks will get easier and the human effort will get lowered. The only thing that is to be performed by human is to take care of the bots and other machinery parts. This in turn increase the rate of unemployment to the farmers who only knows farming and is unable to perform other jobs.

2. Driving – Most of the driver or almost all will going to lose their job as AI driven cars will come alive. This is indeed going to happen and that certainly be true. The cars will be driven and manged by AI based advanced technology machines that can easily be driven in the road and highways. This in turn will lead to a world where AI cars and the automated AI drivers will dominate to release the work load of human. Precise work is going on to make a more sophisticated self driven bot that is to be used in cars. That eventually will bring a huge unemployement to the nation. But that is okay as this could be taken as an opportunity that will bring an employment to those who knows and will be able to perform the AI stuffs completely and perfectly.

3. Printers and Publishers – Not all but most of the printing media will certainly adopt the most trending, affordable and more work effective AI based advanced technology machines. This will help them print the media in a very short period of time and also save their capital. This will bring an unemployment to those who work in the firm where printing requires a human labour. Don’t you know that how these channels are growing? Mos of the News that you read might come from your news feed of Twitter, Instagram or Facebook majorly. And you know what the best part is these news are a free source on internet. Everybody can read them and share them as and when required. In this way digital media are deploying over print media. This is how the online media are growing which in turn lead themselves in a jeopardy of selling the newspapers and magazines in printed forms.

4. Cashiers – You might have seen a person who is collecting all the sum total of hotel or restaurant. That person is called as a cashier. In this digital world everyone is becoming cashless and so the working hotels, bars, and restaurant are providing cashless transactions. So there will be no need of any person who needs to sit for the whole day long and collect all the money manually. India and the rest of the world are following the digital path that they built by themselves. All this could only be achieved via AI based advanced technology.

5. Travel Agents – Are you going to travel your nearby places which you’ve never seen before and that too is adventurous? You love travelling? You want some thrill into your life? Gotta refresh your mind and soul? Travelling is a best for all those who’re having stress, anxiety, depression, etc. It will reFresh your mind and soul. So travelling is a most beautiful part of all. But wait do you ever needed a Travel Agent to book your trip before you go for a vacations or a trip. Off course yes and if not then you might be in a same situations as we were before. You know what there are lot of online apps like, IRCTC, MobiKwik, and other useful sites on the internet that provide a full safety and security to your privacy. This is what every online customer needed a lot.

6. Manufacturing Workers – Off course yes the whole unit of workers will get abandoned from the manufacturing firm. As soon as the AI based advanced technology machines will come into effect all the workers except few will certainly lose their day job. The one who can handle the machines will survive at last. Moreover I feel like there is going to be a huge increase in the rate of unemployement in this field.

7. Dispatchers – Services like Ola, Uber, and other taxi service fall under this category. The huge increase in the requirement of these services lead to the increase in the demand of these kinda services. So engineers were working for betterment and more profitable work that could be achieved via automated vehicles.

8. Waiting Tables and Bartending – Here comes the end of the waiters and waitresses who used to work for thier livelihood and sometimes the only source of their income to survive in this world. This job will unfortunately be come to an end as soon as AI will capitalize the whole arena. This will end up increasing the number of people who have nothing to do and with this advanced technology the whole sphere of bartenders and waiters, etc will suffer alot.
But wait a minute there’s only few or some of the very renowned hotels and all are working on it and so lesser number of restaurants, hotels, etc will have a AI based fooding system. Yet there are a numerous hotels and restaurant where all these AI based advanced technology fooding systems are on fire and they are working great with it.

9. Bank Tellers – Another major revolutions that AI could or would bring to the human community is the advanced banking system. The banking isn’t been an easier task for bank workers and so on enabling the AI based advanced technology the machines will perform the automated tasks very easily and smoothly. Task like checking the bank balance, sending, receiving, withdrawing and making international transactions would become much more easier. And in thsi way the amount of work of banks will get reduced rather rhey will have to focus on a particular one subject and that is the maintenance and fluent working of AI machines. This will bring a new era as well as a huge unemployed workers those were working for banks previously.

10. Military Pilots – This one is quite serious and an important issue regarding any of the country’s security and safety of civilians. On enabling the advanced AI based automated pilots and bot could be used in place of human army for war. This could be quite easier task and a large number of humans could be saved with this technology. Henceforth, AI could be replacing the human army to AI based advanced technology where bots could be fighting the war and may bring victory to the country.

11. Accountants and Tax Payers – About 2.2 million people are employed as an accountants and auditors in US in 2017 and every employee will get paid for their job as 60k USD(approx). This amount of payment to the particular company will get reduced in large sum as soon as AI based advnaced technology will start to hail all around these kinda firms. Appoximately 60k USD is required by any company to built the algorithm that runs the same perfectly without any harm.


This process of AI based advanced technology stuffs are going on and very soon will be achieved successfully. Countries like US, China, UK, European Countries, Germany, France, Canada and Russia are leading the world with the advanced development in the AI technology. The world is going to be their slave as soon as these countries tries to prevail all others. The growing number of these technology is in a way going to bring an unemployment rate at its peak.

But wait wait!! Are you and Indian? Are you living in the country like India? Then congrats!! You’re way too far when these AI based advanced technology will gonna deploy all around the country. Thats way too difficult and you want to know when. There’s no answer to this question as when it will gonna come into effect is still a question mark. And no one knows the exact date. Because it’s how about we the countrymen adopt these technology and not the manufacturing of these will make a country advanced. When the countrymen individually gonna contribute to the effect then surely any of country wil l become advanced.

Does AI Based Advanced Technology will take Away your Job?
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