Easy Remedies to Clean Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture has their own charisma and people do prefer a lot of wooden furniture at their house. But yes, keeping them at home means one also needs to face a lot of challenges. The hardest thing is to maintain the look of the furniture. Trying to keep it safe from scratches, water marks and rings are a huge task.

There are some dry cleaning services in Sohna Road and one can take help from them in the cleaning process. Also, one can do this on their own at home. There are some magical home remedies which can work well on wooden furniture. But before doing that, one needs to apply those methods on a small piece of furniture and see the effects on them. If you are satisfied enough with the results then go ahead with it. Here are the remedies.

Water and Vinegar

Take a cup of filtered water and mix it with 3 table spoons of distilled white vinegar and then use it for cleaning all the wooden furniture around you. Once this is done, you can also polish and restore them.


Sometimes beer can solve the problem as well. Wooden furniture can be easily polished by using some old and flat beer. One needs to dip a clean cloth in a stake beer and then wring it well so that it becomes damp. Then rub this piece of cloth ion the furniture piece. After it is done, you need to dry the furniture with a new piece of cloth. As a result, the wooden furniture gets a shiny look.

Olive oil and Lemon juice

Mix a cup of cold and pressed olive oil along with half a cup of lemon juice. Then apply this mixture on a soft cloth. Rub this cloth on a furniture and it will get cleaned. One can also mix olive oil with vinegar (the combination should be 3 parts of olive oil with 1 part of vinegar) and it becomes very effective for wiping up the scratches on the wooden furniture. This mixture can be applied using a soft cloth and then the area can be dried with the help of a dry cloth which will also help in bringing in the lost shine.

Black tea

Steep three or four black tea bags in a cup of boiling water until the water has cooled down. Then remove the tea bags and use a cotton cloth to wipe down the wooden furniture. No rinsing is needed here. This helps in regaining the natural beauty of the furniture.


This ingredient is very effective when it comes to cleaning wooden furniture. One needs to spread a generous amount of mayonnaise with a spatula on the furniture and then let it sit there for a few hours. Then wipe out the mayonnaise with a wet cloth and all the stains will disappear.

But if the situation is grave then one needs to hire best home cleaning services dlf 3 to do the professional cleaning which one cannot do at home.

Easy Remedies to Clean Wooden Furniture
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