Easy Way to Make Indian Railways Reservation

There was a time when people had to stand in long queues to get the tickets booked for Indian Railways. Things changed with the advancement in technology and Indian Railways launched its portal called IRCTC. This changed the way people booked the tickets and since then, people didn’t have to stand in long queues to book a Railway Ticket.

With time, IRCTC made many improvements to the portal and today, we have a newly updated portal which is referred to as IRCTC Next Generation Portal. This portal has over 30 Million registered user and all the IRCTC Login ID from the old portal were migrated to the new one. So, if you had an account on IRCTC then you can use the same details as IRCTC Next Generation Login details for logging in.

If you would like to know the easy way to make Indian Railways Reservation then you can simply follow the workflow and steps which are listed below.

Easy Way to Make Indian Railways Reservation

  • As you know, you need to use the IRCTC portal and IRCTC Login Details to make a railway reservation. So, visit the IRCTC Portal to continue.
  • Now, simply search the trains that are travelling to your destination by entering the relevant information on the page. You would need to enter the details of the source city, destination city and the date of travel.
  • In the next step, shortlist the train that you wish to travel in. The choice can be tough but you have many filters to use so you can easily shortlist the train using the filters and preferences.
  • By this time, you will know about the train that you are travelling in. Check the availability of this train and if the tickets are in waitlist then you may go ahead and check the confirmation probability. At this point in time, you will also have to log in to the portal.
  • Once you decide to book the ticket, click on Book Now Button and start the booking process. You are just two steps away from booking the ticket. The first step is to enter the passenger details and the second step is to make the payment.
  • A lot of people make mistake here and hence you need to verify the passenger details over and over again. Also, verify the train details so as to ensure that you are booking the right train.
  • Making the payment had never been easier. IRCTC now supports various payment methods and it also has IRCTC e-wallet as a payment method which is quick, easy and secure for you. The ticket details are shared on your registered mobile number as soon as you make the payment.

This is how easy it is to book the ticket using the IRCTC website. If you would like to book the ticket on the go then you can also go ahead and download the IRCTC Rail Connect app on your Android device and follow the same process flow to book the ticket.

Easy Way to Make Indian Railways Reservation
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