Electrical Engineer Jobs in India: Job Prospects and Career Scope

One of the fastest growing branches of engineering with great career prospects globally, including India, is electrical engineering. This branch of engineering deals with the study of generation, transmission, application, distribution of electricity and electronics, including electrical equipment. Considering the vast aspect of this subject, there are different types of electrical engineer jobs in the country.

Eligibility conditions for electrical engineer jobs

Electrical engineering courses in most colleges in India are offered in two separate subject courses, namely, Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) and Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE). This is a 4 year graduate course, on completion of which you are a qualified electrical engineer graduate. For electrical engineer jobs at entry level, a candidate with BTech or BE in Electrical Engineering is eligible.  

Job prospects for electrical engineers

A candidate can either pursue a job or pursue higher studies. Electrical engineer jobs are available in government departments, public sector and private sectors, MNCs, including start-ups and other small and medium enterprises. For jobs in Public Sector Units, usually electrical engineering degree, along with GATE score, are required.

Candidates can also appear for state level entrances and service examinations for Government jobs.

Electrical engineers can also work Indian Army, Indian Navy and Air Force.

For electrical engineer jobs in universities as professors/lecturers or in research departments, an M tech degree is preferred.

Different sectors/industries for jobs

There is a demand for electrical engineer jobs in different industries and sectors. Job opportunities are available in

  • Atomic power plants
  • Thermal power plants
  • Civil aviation
  • Hydel power plants
  • Railways
  • Electricity board and utility companies
  • Electrical firms
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Consultancy firms
  • Power Electronics
  • Drives and Power Systems
  • Research and Development and so on

Best known companies to work with

Some of the most prominent names which demand electrical engineer jobs are Bajaj International Private Ltd, Crompton Greaves Limited, ABB, Reliance Power Ltd, Siemens Ltd, Wipro Lighting. Qualcomm, Intel etc.

Among the public sector units, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL), Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL), Coal India Limited (CIL), Centre for Electronics Design and Technology are the popular employers hiring Electrical Engineers.

Electrical engineers job designations

For different types of electrical engineer jobs in India, there are different types of roles and responsibilities. Accordingly, there are different designations for an electrical engineer. You can be appointed as a Design engineer or a Test engineer. You can join as a Quality Control Engineer or Reliability Engineer.  Process engineers and manufacturing engineers are other designations of electrical engineers. Some more job designations for electrical engineer jobs are

  • Junior Electrical Engineer
  • Assistant Electrical Engineer
  • Automation Engineer
  • Purchase Engineer
  • Plant designing and planning officer etc. 

Scope for electrical engineer jobs

As an electrical engineer, there are many areas in which there is a scope of career growth. As per your interest, expertise and skill, an electrical engineer can look for electrical engineer jobs in the following areas:

    • Project and planning: Involved in the proper planning of an electrical project and implementation till its completion
    • Manufacturing: This is a good way to start a new venture in the manufacturing of an electrical good or equipment. You can set up your manufacturing unit as a start-up.
    • Generation: Various sources of energy are needed for generation and distribution, where a qualified engineer is needed for monitoring.
    • Transmission: Transmission of electricity is another area to look after by an electrical engineer.
    • Distribution: Distribution of electricity in the required quantity as per power transmission is another aspect that needs to be looked after by an electrical engineer.
    • Maintenance: Apart from Generation, Transmission, Distribution, for proper functioning and work operations, maintenance of equipment is necessary.
    • Service: Service electrical engineers are required where there are cases of failure/repair/replacement of machineries and equipment.
    • Tenders: Electrical engineer jobs are available with Government for many projects in which an electrical engineer can get the project as per the tender bidding.
    • Research: For any up-gradation and improvement in electrical works, constant R&D is required and this also needs qualified electrical engineers.

To sum up:

Considering the fact that there is a continuous power requirement in houses, industries, companies, in construction and development works, in power projects and other infrastructural development, there is and there will always be the need for electrical engineer jobs in India.

Electrical Engineer Jobs in India: Job Prospects and Career Scope
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