Evolution of Web Design

Web design has progressed significantly since the first website was published by Tim Berners-Lee in 1991. This infographic is a look at the evolutionary story of web design, which is unexpectedly still in its infant stages. Enjoy the infographic presents by fullestop.

It would have been difficult to envision what affect a solitary website could have on the world in 20years time. Websites have turned into a platform for conveying information to millions around the world without hardly lifting a finger and the quick development in web design has helped massively. Just 2 years after the launch of the World Wide Web, we got acquainted with ALIWEB! ALIWEB (Archie Like Indexing for the WEB) is viewed as the primary web crawler. They opened for business in November 1993 providing users with accommodating connects to the web’s best substance.

JavaScript helped designers beat the constraints of static HTML by enabling them to convey some movement to the web. This gave birth to the “pop-up” window. 

As an ever increasing number of users where going on the web, speed was turning into a major issue. The idea behind CSS is basic. Separate substance and introduction. The substance of the website was in HTML and the style of the site would be coded in CSS. 

By and by we are seeing trends like responsive web design, parallax, and flat design. responsive web design enables users to all the more likely read and experience the web from their PC or work area, as well as, tablet and mobile phone.

A website with flat design needs gradients, skeuomorphism, yet fuses strong hues, void area, and crisp typography.

Evolution of Web Design
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