Find Best Laser Treatment for Anal Fistula in Delhi, Gurgon, and Noida

An anal fistula is not a name of disease; however, it is a small tube running from inside the anus. Sometimes, it follows an infection due to the number of reasons like Sexually Transmitted Disease (STDs), ongoing illness, tuberculosis, Rectal Cancer, diverticulitis and more which affects the bowel movement and need on-time treatment.

In general, anus possesses some secretary glands which release juicy substances or fluid, which may sometimes get blocked or clogged. As a result, the colony of bacteria gradually grows there and builds up a swollen pocket of infected tissue or fluid. This situation is popularized as abscess and if an individual leaves it untreated, then he/she need may suffer from pain, redness or swelling of fistula.  Untreated abscess grows quickly and eventually leads to a hole in the skin surrounding the anus for drainage of gunk outside the anus.

Well, when it comes to the treatment of anal fistula, then there are numbers of ways available. However, it depends on the severity or type of anal fistula.

In earlier days, the most preferred way to treat it is the surgical method. It includes cut or incisions. The physician cut the skin surrounding the tunnel and then uses a plug to close the fistula. However, if the fistula is too close to the anus or is more complicated, then make use of the tube, Seton for drainage of all infected fluid outside the body before surgery. It takes a minimum time period of six weeks.

So firstly, the hesitation to discuss the problems related to anus or rectum and secondly, the risks of conventional surgical procedure often take people away from the treatment of anal fistula. However, nowadays, technology helps to solve both issues.

With the help of the internet, people are learning about fistula, symptoms, and treatments which create awareness among them. Similarly, nowadays, all health cares are well-equipped with laser treatments for many anorectal diseases like fissure, hemorrhoids and anal fistula.

Laser treatment for anal fistula: a promising alternative to conventional surgical methods

Now, doctors highly recommend the use of non-invasive laser treatment for anal fistula in which the laser probe successfully close the fistula tract without any cut or incision. There are innumerable numbers of ways which benefit patients over conventional surgical methods. Some of them are:

  • Incontinence:

In general, anal fistula tract passes through the anal sphincter, and the sphincter system comprises of two muscles which control the movement of waste materials and gas from the rectum. So, sometimes, in conventional surgical methods, during the incision near the anus, the muscles get damaged. As a result of it, an individual lost control over the bowel movement or passage of gas from the rectum.  This situation is coined as incontinence in medical terminology.

In laser treatment, the physician treats the fistula without any cut or stitch, so there are no such chances of having incontinence after the process.

  • Daycare procedure:  

Laser treatment is a day care procedure. It means the doctor can treat the fistula with the laser probe within 15-20 minutes. So, if an individual diagnosed with fistula, then he/she can undergo the procedure on the same day too.

  • No or less bleeding:

In most of the cases, no or less bleeding involved during the treatment so, there are no chances of any weakness. As a result, the physician may discharge the patient on the same day.

  • Post-operative pain:

After incontinence, postoperative pain can be one of the best reasons to rely on laser treatment over conventional surgical methods. Generally, people get back to their daily routine work after a maximum time period of 2-3 days of laser treatment as postoperative pain is negligible.

So, all those who are suffering from anal fistula can consult to any one of the best laser surgeon in Delhi, Gurgaon, or Noida for anal fistula.

Find Best Laser Treatment for Anal Fistula in Delhi, Gurgon, and Noida
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