Five Famous Dubai holiday package in your Budget

A look at tourism statistics of Dubai demonstrates clearly the rising pattern. Every year, a number of tourists around the world visit this place. Many of them try to get family or business packages from tour companies. A number of tour operators come with wide variety of deals. Some companies also offer a chance to customize a deal depending on personal requirements. Although a number of tours have been offered from last many years yet five Dubai holiday packages tours are very famous.

1. Desert Safari Dubai: It is one of the best Dubai holiday package tours that one can try during his business or family Dubai holiday package. No matter which company you choose, the Desert Safari Dubai deal includes pick and drop facility, refreshment, a ride on 4WD vehicle; sun set view of desert, some fun activities, camp visit, etc. Different tour operators offer varied activities, some offer dune bashing/camel riding while others give you a chance to have fun with quad bike ride, henna tattoos, music in desert, sand boarding, etc.

2. Jumeirah Beach Discovery: Many families love to spend their time on Jumeirah Beach. It is one of the famous and most beautiful beaches of Dubai. The people are able to have fun through different activities like swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, seaway ride. Whenever you visit this beach of Jumeirah in Dubai, you will find some people are there in Beach. It is among the busiest areas of the city. There are a number of luxury and affordable resorts all around beach. You would be able to enjoy your meal while getting mesmerized from the beach view in the hotel.

3. Creek Discovery: Creek is just like a magnet for the tourists, they want to come there since they know that they can discover the history of Dubai here. You are in position to explore Creek quickly via cruising on well-designed and very comfortable traditional sailing boat.

4. Big Bus Tour: This hop on/off kind tour is quite popular among tourists. The reason is that they can easily explore best places of Dubai via it. After getting in this double decker bus, they are able to see the amazing landmarks of the city such as Burj Al-Arab, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek Park, Wild Wadi Park, Wafi mall, Dubai Mall and similar places.

5. Hot Balloon Flight: It is among the most interesting ways of discovering Dubai. You will be able to fly in the sky and see the residential buildings, fascinating skyscrapers, resorts, and many more.
The tourist can experience travelling in the beautiful sand dune. They can admire the beauty of the deserts and have a slice of excitement at the same time. You can spend quality time with your family and friends at Dubai holiday package. You can enjoy the experience of a roller coaster ride down the high dunes.

Dubai holiday package is a total entertainment package and is a lot of fun. This tour in Dubai includes a lot of excitement so it should not be missed at any cost. Whoever comes to Dubai cannot miss the experience of a Safari!

The desert glows when it is hit by the sunshine and it looks just spectacular.

Best Dubai Desert Safari Tours from Skyland Tourism

Dubai desert safari is among those exciting trips that offers utmost pleasure and joy to everyone. The fascinating round trip in a 4WD vehicle casts its spell on those tourists who love to take part in thrilling activities. Desert safari drive, camel riding, delicious barbeque, camps with comfortable sleeping beds, Bedouins stalls, etc are some activities that will remain in your memories for many years.

Dubai Desert safari is also named as Dune bashing; the reason is that this excursion is a kind of off-road driving. An off-road vehicle, generally Toyota Land Cruiser, is used for exploring the way on sandy dunes of the desert. This bumpy ride is not only exciting but at the same time quite risky. A lot of tour operators are ready to take you on the ride of Dubai Desert safari. Your task is to search the details of best companies on the web. When you locate the best company then you can definitely expect good services. This company always hires trained and expert driver for off-road trip of desert.

When you come for Dubai desert safari then you gets a chance to meet with Bedouins who are the oldest nomads of Dubai. You are in a position to have an insight into rich and cultural legacy of desert by interacting with these nomads. Your camp is just a replica of Bedouin camp but when you want to see the real camps of Bedouins then you need to contact with a crew member, who can help you better than anybody. Real Bedouin camps are one of the best attractive sights of Dubai. They are decorated with Persian red carpets and a lot of traditional items.

When you take an entry into your replica camp then you get some free time. It’s up to you to either relax or do sand boarding. It is a fact that sand boarding is among the adventurous activities of desert and only daring people can do them in the right manner. If you are prone to motion sickness then another activity for you is camel riding. No doubt, a ride on the Ship of desert is quite comfortable for you.

Generally, when you arrive at camps then sun set time is near. The most fascinating moment of your life will be one when you see the amazing sun set view in the Dubai desert safari. Never forget to capture this amazing scenery of sun set in your digital camera. If you are moving then you can ask your driver to stop because you can’t get the clear picture while moving.

There are some tours operators that give you a chance to book a Dubai desert safari that comes with some additional features such as belly dancing at night. It’s up to you to pick one package that suits to you.

Dubai is one of the best world fascinating places. I love Dubai so much… The main attraction for the visitors coming to Dubai are Dubai desert safari ,Dhow Cruise Dubai and dhow cruise dinner in Dubai , Fishing in Dubai , manmade islands, Gold Souk and Dubai Museum.

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Five Famous Dubai holiday package in your Budget
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