We all here in Backscatter adored the GoPro HERO5 Dark and believed the submerged footage seemed good, but we watched exactly what the GoPro HERO6 could perform.

Our submerged testing conditions weren’t exactly great as a result of bad visibility and overcast conditions, although in those hard conditions, the GoPro HERO6 black action camera clearly outshines the GoPro HERO5 Dark. Watch the movie to see for your self, or continue reading for our decisions.

It generates richer blacks, with much more detail found from the shadows and highlights thanks to the enhanced dynamic variety. The Auto White Balance on the GoPro HERO5 Dark will lean towards the green aspect submerged, whereas the GoPro HERO6 includes a considerably improved change to a far more attractive blue underwater. The best results are attained when a filter is employed, and these colour changes are evident if or not a filter is utilized or not. The GoPro HERO6 generates a more natural and more pleasing blue backdrop compared to the GoPro HERO5 Dark .

GoPro HERO 6 Nevertheless Works Well With Lights plus a Filter in precisely the same TimeNo matter how amazing your water conditions are, the truth is that when the clouds are muddy and you want some mild for your landscape and topic, nothing beats a set of 1200 lumen lights for balanced color whilst having a filter. Traditional wisdom says you shouldn’t use lights and filters together as in many instances it leaves the lights seem too red. But, we have discovered this generates the best results out of a GoPro when utilizing either the Shallow (5-20ft) or Dive (20-50ft) filter, with good looking foreground colour.

High Frame Rate and Improved StabilizationThe new imaging chip of this GoPro HERO6 isn’t just accountable for its enhanced image quality but also the quicker 4K 60p and 1080 240p frame prices. The quicker 4K 60p frame speed when played on a harmonious 4K 60p TV provides footage a gorgeous, hyper-real appearance that has to be seen to be believed. Shooting at 60 frames per minute in 4K or perhaps 240 frames per minute in HD may provide you the choice to play split second intriguing behavior or short moments in magnificent slow movement so you don’t overlook one detail. Slow movement adds stability to shaky handheld footage, which compliments the camera 3-Axis image insertion, and will give even a fundamental spectacle a stylish, cinematic-like quality.

Remember we have also got a lot of other videos on the market you can check out, such as a dedicated video about the +15 MacroMate Mini lens and much more.

Narrow Mode Not Available From the Supersuit HousingThere are a few interface changes that Macro shooters will need to understand. While we love the continuous invention that GoPro is famous for, it appears they constantly forget about us SuperSuit home users.

The GoPro HERO5 Dark ‘s’Narrow’ field of opinion setting enabled us to find macro shots without the need for any special abilities to harvest in the editing procedure. We’re a little bummed since the GoPro HERO6 has lost the’Narrow’ setting and today rather employs a touchscreen-only slider harvest management.

This usually means this attribute can only be used on property, rather than at the SuperSuit. While technically it’s possible to work around this by pre-setting the harvest before setup in the home, you will not have the ability to alter any manners or anything without losing that harvest setting. This essentially means you’ll need to take the majority of your macro full frame and harvest down in place. If you’re a diehard junkie, you may even be more happy to just purchase a GoPro HERO5 Dark to your narrow setting and maintain your editing workflow simplified and simple.

FLIP6 can be used With 5 Generations of GoPro Right from this BoxBackscatter has been producing underwater accessories for GoPro since way back into the HERO 1, and now we are pleased to have the maximum backward-compatible GoPro lens and filter system with the FLIP6.

The theory behind this Flip Filters system is that you may conduct any 2 filters, lenses, or mix of both. Just select whatever works best on your dive profile along with the shooter you’re after. Pick from some of the 3 distinct depth-rated blue water colour correction filters, SHALLOW for involving 5-20 ft, DIVE for 20 to 50 ft, and DEEP for 50 ft and under, or the +15 MacroMate Mini lens that’s the sharpest macro lens accessible for GoPro submerged. We have developed these filters following literally hundreds of hours of evaluation dives and we are convinced this colour formula is exactly what the narrow white equilibrium assortment of the GoPro should unlock the very best possible colour submerged.

The FLIP6 is an entire filter system to pay all your GoPro shooting requirements. In addition to this blue water filters, we also have filters for green water, fluorescence, topside polarizing and ND filters, and effective macro lenses such as the Macromate Mini along with the +10 Close-Up Lens if your topic isn’t quite nimble, but nevertheless, needs a tighter shot.

HERO 5 and also HERO 6 Share the identical Supersuit HousingBecause the bodies will be exactly the same, they will use the identical precise Super Suit home too. This also suggests the FLIP6 system is going to be a shift in title just from the FLIP Filter system, they’ll be precisely the exact same thing save to your title simply to keep it current and constant.


Remember, you will want to eliminate the protective lens around the GoPro before it moving in the SuperSuit. Simply slide it in and rotate also it is going to safely pop right from there. Now slide the camera and latch the home.

ConclusionDespite its indistinguishable external look, the GoPro HERO6 is quite a few steps before this GoPro HERO5 Dark along with also the FLIP6 system unlocks its complete potential submerged. We expect that GoPro is going to have a firmware upgrade soon to get complete zoom for macro shooters with the Supersuit.


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