Have some good food at Kesar da Dhaba Amritsar

Originated as a small eatery selling Dal and Roti, Kesar da Dhaba is as synonymous with Amritsar as Golden Temple is. Amritsar has always been known for its fondness for good food that brings in masses from near and far. The eateries located closer to the temple serve 100 percent vegetarian fare. And here you find some of the most loved dhabas of all-time but the journey is incomplete without visiting the most iconic eatery in Amritsar – Kesar da Dhaba.

For all the vegetarians out there, Kesar da Dhaba is located at Chowk Passian and a 10-minute walk from the Golden Temple is nothing short of an epicure’s paradise.

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Finding Kesar da Dhaba is an easy task because everybody knows about it and can point you towards the right direction. You don’t even need to bother with mobile navigations. Make our way through the market area to find Kesar da Dhaba tucked away in one corner. There are some places like Kesar da Dhaba where time literally stands still, giving you a glimpse of the old world. Despite its enormous fame, Kesar da Dhaba wears a simple look. The seating area looks as though an extension of the original eatery to accommodate the never-ending crowd that flock the eatery every day. How soon you find a table depends entirely on your luck. It can be either 20 minutes or more before finding a place to settle down.

What To Order?

If being in Punjab makes you crave those stereotypical Punjabi delights, you’ve come to the right place. Visiting Kesar da Dhaba will lead you to list out a few dishes to order before you have already stepped into the eatery. The board menu hung on the wall to reconfirm those iconic dishes that we have always heard of. If given me a chance, I would nother bother browsing the menu and rather ask Panditji to serve me the best dishes and sit back and enjoy the scrumptious meal. That’s what everyone should do when you visit an iconic eatery like Kesar da Dhaba.

The Famous Thali

Kesar da Dhaba stands out apart due to the enormous thali that this place has to offer.  All the dishes at Kesar da Dhaba are made using desi ghee, so you can be certain that it’s going to be a rich and greasy affair. A big appetite is a must, so skip your breakfast and stick to devouring the thali all by yourself.  The Thali at Kesar da Dhaba is served in a big plate with portions of the iconic Dal Makhani, Malai Kofta Curry, Punjabi Chole, Cucumber Raita, Salad and Laccha Paratha. The Dal Makhani is delightfully creamy and the creaminess isn’t because of excessive dollops of desi ghee but letting the lentils slow cook to beautifully bring together the flavours. You can enjoy the dal with crispy and flaky Laccha Paratha, smeared with ghee. The Malai Kofta is delicate and crumbly, teaming well with the curd-based gravy while the Punjabi Chole is home-style and we see many customers go for second helpings of it.

And It Doesn’t End Here

If this wasn’t enough, or simply because you want to eat something sweet, don’t leave without tasting their phirni. This creamy delicacy is served in earthen pots and will leave you asking for more. Watch Kesar Da Dhaba review video On Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66U2Ccof5Pw

Have some good food at Kesar da Dhaba Amritsar
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