Healthy Holi Tips for Skin Care

The festivals of colors holi is just around the corner. As we know that holi is a synonym of colors, gunjiya, purnpoli, bhang and gewar. For some holi is just a meant acne, blackheads, marks ,and dry skin. Holi colors are becoming more and more harmful in every year. Colors are having the engine oil and various harmful chemicals mixed in it that stops your skin to breathe. If you want to play holi but does not want to damage your skin So this article is just for you.

Pre holi skincare Regime

Apply Oil properly-

Apply oil all over your body. From hair scalp to your toe, just massage oil to all over the body especially those parts which are exposed while playing holi. Oil creates a greasy layer that does not allow the colors to settle up on hair and skin.  The Greasy layer also helps color wash out after the celebration. There is a wide variety of oil like almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and any regular mustard oil. Just choose according to your skin type.

Put on more clothes-

Cover your body part is the best way to protect your skin from the holi colors. Less exposed body parts lesser the chances to damage your skin. Covered up your legs and put on full sleeve length to reduce the chances of damaging your skin.

Apply nail polish-

As many of us see that holi colors get stuck in the edges of our nails after the celebration. How to get rid of them? However, we can take some precautions before playing the holi. Apply any type of regular nail polish which will resist colors to go deep in your skin. This is best way to protect your nails from the holi colors.

Protect your eyes-

Your eyes are way more delicate than your skin. Holi colors can cause irritation and allergy in your eyes. Protect your eyes during celebrating the holi. Wear sunglasses in day-time.

Protect your ears

While playing the holi there are heavy chances of color to get into in your ear.  For protecting your ear, you have to just apply petroleum jelly outer part of your ear. It makes your ear greasy and prevents the colors to get into your ear.

Post holi skincare regime


if you want to avoid acne, clogged pores, and blackheads. it is essential to clean your body to get rid of the colors after the celebration of holi. You can use natural toner with rose water and cucumber to open your pores. Another substitute for treating your kin well is applying glycerin. Natural glycerin soothes inflation and redness.


Use a homemade mask to avoid acne, blackheads, and marks. Most of us get lazy and don’t apply the mask. It is important to apply a mask.


Holi colors just make your skin and dry hair and washing your skin, again and again, is like a torture for your skin. Use Japanese beauty products to be glowing skin. It is essential to apply the best moisturizer according to your skin-type because it does not only hydrate your skin but also make your skin soft and smooth.

Healthy Holi Tips for Skin Care
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