Hide Text Messages On Android

Text messages or SMS (short message service) are the digital letters which can contain necessary or private information. These text messages are stored in our cell phone or the sim. But none like to share private things with others. Unfortunately, these messages are traceable, incoming or outgoing messages. Even I don’t like this tracing or prying thing. Text messages can be exposed to the kids, friends, or others without your knowledge if they get your phone. But there are options to halt this.

You can hide text messages on android on your own. There are a couple of ways to hide them. The first way is obviously most secure, deleting the message. Well, this is not what you are expecting from this article. Many experts suggest using phone lock feature as a basic protection from unlocking your phone without your permission. They also suggest using android apps to lock or hide the specific text message or all of them. I have also found using these apps are far better on hiding them. Firstly, you need to go to play store and search and install the app, further mentioned in this article.

There are lots of apps which provide you text message hiding facility. You need to look for the features, user reviews, price, troubleshoot etc. things choosing the app. After a research, I have found these apps perform well with any kind of mobile having android operating systems.

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Vault-Hide, Message Locker, App Hider, Private Message Box, AppLock, Private SMS & Call etc. are top rated apps for hiding text messages on android. I will just share about one app’s description to tell you the common features of these apps. Rest of them are very similar to these features.

Vault-Hide is superior to all of them for its excessive and exclusive features. You can hide not only the text messages but also the pictures, videos, contacts etc. After installing it from the Play store, launch the app and set a pin (3 to 15 digits) or a unique pattern to hide the messages. After setting pin or pattern, you can choose your apps, folders, files to hide with Vault-Hide. When you want to see the hidden element, just put the pin or pattern and unlock the file. This app also has a cloud backup option. In case, you forget the pin or pattern, you can have access to the files through the cloud backup option. This app is fully accessible by paying a little amount. Otherwise, you will have to use limited features with ads.

Other apps I have mentioned work in almost the same way. Set pin or pattern to lock and use pin or pattern to unlock. These apps have cloud backup, default SMS app, chatting apps (messenger, WhatsApp, IMO, Facebook etc.) hiding etc. features too. Some of these may require rooted handset. But most of them are usable without rooting your device. One irritating thing about these apps, you may see ads those are only removable when you pay. Just choose any of these to sort out the problem easily.

Hide Text Messages On Android
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