How are Mobility Health Solutions adding a new dimension to the Patient’s Care In Hospital?

The doctors are considered as next to God for the patients. Often, in the emergency cases, they are required to take important decisions quickly based on the lab reports, patient’s health records, previous treatment course, and current health status. That’s where a single mistake or a delay in the decision proves to be fatal for the patients’ life.  

However, healthcare professionals are armed up with all the necessary knowledge and skills to provide the best treatment to the patients. But, mistakes happen due to the imprecise measurement, communication gap, and delay in the test reports which could potentially impact the patient’s outcome.

By welcoming the mobility solution into the healthcare fold, the situation can be turned upside down. Everything in the hospital gets connected and from doctors to nurse to the laboratories becomes easily accessible, which makes the hospital care patient-centric. In the digital healthcare space, the mobile apps are picking up the pace and spearheading a future of connected care delivery.  All of these possible due to evolution in mobile app development.

The global healthcare mobility solutions market is expected to reach $84,817.9 Million by 2020 from at a CAGR of about 28.4%.

This interesting fact popped up a question that how the mobility can bring about the change in the healthcare industry. The healthcare solution will transform from emergency care to patient’s care to the hospital management with the diverse range of healthcare solutions.


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Let’s take a look at how healthcare mobility apps with its fair share of benefits revolutionizing the patient’s care continuum in the hospital:

Digitization of patient’s medical records: According to a patient survey report when Americans visit doctors, most of the time, the doctors are unaware of the prescriptions that patients are taking, and do not know the existing medical conditions, medical history, personal information, allergies, or recent surgery.

It’s so because, with the traditional paper-based approach, it is difficult to keep a record of the volume of the medical information that’s growing exponentially and extract the important information when needed. This is where electronic medical records that are designed to work using mobile apps will be a great help.

The EMR gives high flexibility to the practitioners to access the health records, maintain an active medication list, check the drug-allergy interactions, have diagnosis reports available on hand, record changes in the vital signs, exchange the medical data with other practitioners for better decision-making, and provide a electronic copy of the clinical decision and health info to the patients complying the healthcare standards and regulations.

PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Health Research Institute2 study revealed that 56% of the physicians believed mobility could help expedite decision-making.

The centralized solution enables the anytime, anywhere access to the information, which sometimes, become a matter of life and death for the patients and completely transform the way the patients are treated.

Increase the collaboration: In larger hospitals, there are multiple test laboratories, patient wards, ICUs, and operation theatres, and even, various practitioners work in distinct shifts. When there is a lack of connectivity and collaboration among them, the patient’s treatment suffers as the reports won’t reach to the doctor on time or the doctors on duty won’t be aware of the patient’s clinical history.

With mobile applications, health management can be done in a better way as everything from lab to the doctors get connected digitally. For instance, the doctors will get the reports from the test labs securely just after the results become available and take the precise decisions while standing in the operation theatre.

The doctors coming on the visits have the up-to-date patient’s clinical data in their hands and can check the patients accordingly and then update the new information in the app. Also, in the emergency cases, the nurses can consult the doctor to change the prescription or continue with the same just standing right at the patient’s bedside.

In this manner, everyone in the hospital stays on the same page with seamless collaboration and no medical records of the patients will be missing or incomplete. The great collaboration improves the workflow efficiency as it reduces the errors, saves the time and accelerates the patient’s care outcome.

Zero Down the Opacity in Chronic Care Management

Many times, the patients suffering from the serious illness are required to admit in the hospital for a long time for some extended care depending on the ailment. However, the patients are unaware of how long the treatment process will go and doesn’t know the care plan. The opaque treatment process keeps the patients in the dark and sometimes, it even becomes an intimidating factor for the patients when they are asked to get admitted to the hospital.

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This is where the mobile healthcare solution pitches in allowing the patients to get enrolled in the HIPPA compliant treatment process so that there will be no surprises at the end. The doctors can create a treatment plan for the patients based on the symptoms, medical history, and health status, and can share the same with the patients before they start the treatment. This level of transparency and automation benefits the patients, while keeping the doctors informed and updated, from the minutest of the allergies to any vital signs through the app and also further add the information themselves for future reference.

Enhance the Doctor-Patient Communication

Even in hospitals the patients are not directly in touch with the doctors unless the doctors physically come for the visit. With mobile applications, the patients can stay connected with the doctors and update the symptoms anytime to the doctors so that required action can be initiated.

For example, when the patient is having an allergy with the changed prescription, they can immediately update the doctor and in turn, doctors can prescribe new medication and precautions to take. In addition, the doctors can monitor the vitals such as blood pressure, glucose level, or heart rate with trackers and sensors integrated into the patient mobile app.

Also, the patients don’t have their medical information and health progress available right at the bedside. Through health application, the patients can view the lab test results, or other reports, track the improvement in the chronic illness in the form of graphs and monitor the medical data in real-time.


The mobility is the best medicine for the hospitals to improve the patient’s care. The day after another, the changing healthcare trends and massive benefits of mHealth solutions are indicating the certain rise in the adoption of mobility, which is proven as critical to the patient’s care and leads to massive revenue gain. The leading hospitals are already experimenting with IoT, wearable technology, augmented reality and virtual reality alongside mobility solutions to deliver the best results.

Tap the power of advanced mobility solutions to enhance the patient’s care with a well-honed mobile strategy!    

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How are Mobility Health Solutions adding a new dimension to the Patient’s Care In Hospital?
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