How Mobile Phones have Changed the Way We do Business?

Mobile technology: The biggest change observed till date. Considering the period from its launch date till today, mobile phones have blended perfectly in our lives including our business operations too. The strategies of marketing and branding has taken a very different face, some that might even surprise you yet.

Mobile technology has not only changed the face of business operations but also the way we live. With the easy access of apps, you get to work on more than one feature at the same time. You can schedule a meeting while on a call and at the same time set a reminder for the same. While mobile is making our lives easier, we should also commend the efforts of companies and tech giants in making the impossible, possible.

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A huge impact of cloud technology has come on businesses who now have a national and a global platform to compete for their products. As a consumer and an entrepreneur, it is important to know what the businesses of today are doing to secure their future.

  • Social Branding:

This has become more of a necessity rather than an option. Looking at the market conditions now, there is a huge need of best marketing strategy because of increased competition. Take an example of mobile brands. There are dozens of same featured with same priced phone, but we go for one. Why? The answer is ‘Social presence’. Also companies spread their awareness by creating pages on social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, etc. It helps small businesses to increase their presence and revenue with little investment.    

  • Video Marketing:

The simplest meaning is creating a buzz of your product or service in the form of videos. Making the visuals and content compelling enough to attract customers. According to a survey, around 64% increment in interest into the subject being marketed is observed.

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Videography is seen to be most seducing form of all kinds of marketing. The best example you can see is YouTube, Facebook Videos. Haven’t you seen those ads popping in between videos you play? This is called video marketing. If the content is good enough, it will take no time in going viral, an achievement that everyone doing video marketing dreams to achieve.

  • Gaming Applications:

These include in-app purchases which costs real money for unlocking new maps/modules/costumes or anything which is needed to continue playing the game. Apart from in-app purchases, there are options to view an ad to get a bonus life. These clever tie-ups and placement make it difficult for the gamer to skip the ad and proceed to the game. Even if not games, a lot of apps have tie-ups with ad aggregators who use the app platform to place their ads and reach to a wider audience, all of which tracked easily.

  • Paid Campaigns:

Google AdWords lets you drive an ad campaign for your business from anywhere. The setup is simple so that even local businesses can make use of the platform without investing big. With newer updates, we have seen that Google is focusing on promoting local businesses more and so we see that even if we type in ‘Cafés near me’, we get an accurate listings of businesses around us. This has helped even smaller businesses to thrive and garner more customers.

  • Mobile Payment Applications:

Some more businesses based on mobile include payments through mobile applications. These include PayPal, Paytm, Google Pay (Tez), and many more. Immediate and smooth operations of these applications attract people towards them and are pretty dominating these days. They seem to be overcoming credit and debit card payments difficulties. Thus every bank today is developing their own net banking applications for making money transfer easier for their customers. You would find these players offering you cashbacks or scratch and win cards for every transaction, thus, attracting more and more subscribers to their platform.

  • Mobile Based Shopping:

Here comes the most dominating business in today’s date which is purely mobile based. How often do you go for shopping outside or going out to eat snacks and lunch? Very rarely. Isn’t it? A large population can be seen preferring shopping clothes and wardrobes through Amazon, Flipkart and other shopping websites. Even food is being delivered within 30mins from receiving order. Why are they so addicted? The answer lies in extra benefits like cashbacks, vouchers, coupon codes and most precious ‘time’. So why not online shopping? Plus, with many apps already knowing what you browse for (through app permissions) they already custom make their offering to customers, making choices and transactions simpler and faster.

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These were some of the major effects of mobile technology on how businesses do their business. And they are spreading like wildfire which can be clearly seen in any developing/developed country. Mobile based lifestyle is here to stay and it is better to adapt to it than sit back and see.

Ritik Singh writes about HR (Human Resource) software, cloud and enterprise technology. A dynamic content writer who writes for Sage Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a leading provider of cost-effective CRM software to small and mid-sized businesses in India.

How Mobile Phones have Changed the Way We do Business?
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