How To Check Computer Virus And Remove It By Different Antivirus:

We are living in an unsecure world. I am not mentioning about the real world we live, but I am discussing about the cyber life and internet. Lots of virus and spywares and now a days mostly virus are present in famous games like far cry , PUBG mobile Apk that virus may damage our computer system and steal the information that may be misused on the internet. Antivirus software is the only solution that keeps our system safe and defends our information from virus. However, a single antivirus is not capable of detecting all the types of virus, because every antivirus has its limitation of detecting virus.

It is a well-known fact that computer can’t work properly with multiple antivirus software solutions. So there are chances that your current antivirus program may fail to detect some new virus, and this lack might be dangerous for your computer and other important information on your system. But you need not worry about this because there are some good developers who develop applications that check for virus files with multiple antiviruses online, without installing multiple antiviruses on a single system.

NoVirusThanks is one of the above said applications which allows the users to directly send any suspicious files from their own computer, using a Graphical Interface to Multi-Engine Antivirus scanner for no cost. Once the files are uploaded on Multi-Engine, it will scan by multiple Antiviruses engines and analyze the files for viruses. In the next section, I will explain how you can use this application to scan any of your suspicious file with multiple antivirus programs.

First of all, download this freeware and the portable application The freeware is available as a portable version and the application is very small so that it is easily downloadable. It comes as a ZIP file format; please extract it before starting to work with it. The main interface of this application is very simple and easy to use and has two options with multiple tabs.
The files can be uploaded two ways: 1. Bu directly uploading any of the suspicious file and 2. Choose any running process (programs processes) to check for virus. Click on the browse button to scan any file and then you can locate your file (any type); after doing that click on the upload button. The application will take some time to process, which depends on file size, your file on online virus scan engine. Once the file has been uploaded successfully, NoVirusThanks will open an online scanning system on the browser and you would be able to see your file status for any virus.

Once the process is completed you can see the full report on your uploaded suspicious file. You would be able to see the full report as shown in then image below, I have uploaded a php file for you to check for any virus code.


From the above image you could infer that the uploaded file scanned with 9 updated Antiviruses and the result was that there are no viruses on the uploaded suspicious file. Any kind of file with not more than 5MB size can be uploaded in this application.

The virus status report can be printed using print report option, which is available on the same report page; permalink and email to friend features are also available in this application. You will also be able to find the html code that helps you to show your file report on any website or forum.

You can choose the perfect setting of this application in the setting tab; you can manage settings related to NoVirusThanks application for example you can choose your favorite language, choose default browser to show reports and server and so on. There is another option to upload and scan system startup programs using Registry Startup tab, which is available as the third tab. To scan any startup file, right click on the file which you would like to check and click on Upload To Virus Scanner option. The process continues as explained above in this post.

How To Check Computer Virus And Remove It By Different Antivirus:
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