How to Choose Your OUTDOOR Furniture

Whether you only have a small balcony or a large outdoor area, outdoor furniture is very important for a beautiful summer. If they are beautiful, functional and well adapted to the space, they will simply make us want to spend more time outdoors! So here’s a little guide to what to consider, for those who have a new home to furnish or for whom it’s time to replace the old outdoor furniture!

The first step before choosing furniture is to target what you want to do outside. If we do not have space or budget constraints (which we say is quite rare!), We can obviously afford complete outdoor sets, but most of the time, we must prioritize.

  • Think in terms of vertical surfaces

Whether you decide to invest in a large table or not, do not forget the vertical surfaces! Whether small side tables, a chest, an ottoman or other (there are many creative solutions), any outdoor or outdoor area needs at least one, and more if possible. Outside, it is absolutely necessary to have room to put down his book, his glass, his plate, a bottle or a pitcher, a plant, etc.

  • Privilege comfort … and quality

It is very important to try the outdoor furniture in the store, to ensure that it is comfortable enough to want to spend a little time (or a lot of time). The chairs, armchairs and cushioned benches are obviously a greater guarantee of comfort. Also to consider? Does the table seem at the right height for the chairs? Can we slide the chairs under the table to gain space or arms prevent doing it?

In terms of quality … it’s important, especially when you think the furniture will last for years, be exposed to the weather, and in some cases winter outside. Cheap plastic outdoor furniture will not last long in the sun and rain, and should be changed quickly. They do not constitute an economy!

  • Buy furniture with more than one function

It’s just smart: some furniture with different functions offers cost and space savings! One can for example think of a table with an extension or a folding pan, which accommodates the few big suppers of the summer, without taking too much space the rest of the time. A bench or an ottoman that offers storage is also very convenient, to store cushions, placemats and others.

  • The materials

Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Here’s what to know:

Wrought Iron  : Gives a classic look, heavy enough to withstand the wind. Is more difficult to move. It is best to store these furniture indoors for the winter, to minimize rust.

Aluminum  : An increasingly used material, which in addition to being lightweight and durable is immune to rust. Must often be combined with cushions for comfort.

Wood  : The wood is very beautiful and usually durable, but you have to know what kind of wood you choose and how to take care of it. Some types of wood such as teak will last for many years without the need for special treatment, while others need to be oiled or varnished each year. To avoid for the outside: the wood having been glued.

Plastic and PVC  : These materials are usually inexpensive, lightweight and do not require much maintenance, but will take less time than other options.

Rattan  : Contrary to what one might think, rattan can be made of natural or synthetic materials. Synthetic rattan must be preferred for the outdoors; it offers an interesting texture, withstands bad weather and requires little or no maintenance. Offered in both traditional and contemporary styles, this material is also used in combination with cushions.

  • The accessories

In addition to the furniture, the accessories must also be chosen carefully. Even if one buys rather classic furniture, the accessories are also perfect to add color and a current touch to its exterior design.

Cushions should be able to withstand a minimum of sunlight, moisture and mold. Today, cushions and other exterior coverings are often made of dyed acrylic, which lasts a long time even outside. Polyester with a protective layer against UV rays is cheaper, but less resistant. Even though the cushions are designed for outdoor use, the more often they are put inside, the longer they will last.

Parasols are not only used for tables, but also to give shade to other corners of the outdoor or terrace. The fabric should be UV resistant, and the base should be very strong to withstand gusts.

Outdoor carpets give a more finished look to the layout of the outdoor and allow to delimit the space. They are often made of recycled plastic, and require very little maintenance: they are swept or sprinkled with the hose, and that’s it!

1. Outdoor garden furniture: resin or braided resin

This is the # 1 material used for outdoor garden furniture because of its price and ease of maintenance. Resin is also called molded resin, or PVC molded or injected.

Make sure UV treatment has been applied, and clean your furniture with a soft sponge and soapy water, avoiding detergents and abrasives.

2. Outdoor garden furniture: exotic wood

Teak is particularly weather resistant, while other woods need to be sheltered. To maintain your outdoor garden furniture, you should wash them with soapy water several times a year, and oil them with a special oil.

3. The rattan

If the rattan is very aesthetic and comfortable, it is unfortunately fragile. Outdoor garden furniture must be sheltered from an awning and maintained almost daily.

4. The metal

Outdoor garden furniture can be made of iron , aluminum or stainless steel . Some are more heat- resistant , some more moisture- resistant … so you have to choose according to the environment.

5. The paintings

The canvases that equip garden furniture, cushions or seats, must resist UV and be waterproof. Batyline is particularly interesting.

Reminder: a garden furniture resistant to all weather will allow you to enjoy your garden at the slightest ray of sunshine .

How to Choose Your OUTDOOR Furniture
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