How to Startup Business with Small Capital?

Startup investors are well aware of the importance of branding and marketing. According to studies and research, more than 80% startups fail due to lack of funding and proper marketing. In addition to this, a startup often fails after sustaining the pressures in the first 2 years. This leads to a lot of frustration and annoyance.

When you want to succeed with your business, it’s important to market it properly. A major part of the investment should be used for marketing the business. In this post, we’ve discussed a few ways you can market your business effectively. All these tips require no or little investment, and you can use these strategies on a shoestring budget.

In order to attract more customers, and give your brand more exposure, you should come up with some ideas to get promotional merchandise. You can distribute these items at trade shows, exhibitions, and even organize contests to interact with your customers. Pens, caps, shirts, key chains and mugs are considered to be excellent choices for promotional merchandise. Most startup investors want businesses to come up with unique and interesting marketing ideas.

  • Social Media Websites

Social media websites have been extremely popular in the last few years. They have become an excellent hub for promoting your business. Social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are a good source for targeted traffic. You can easily create a profile or fan page on these websites to promote your website, products, services and content. However, you need to make sure that your profile is interactive and attractive. You need to be active on social networking websites to keep your potential customers engaged and interested in the long run.

  • Forums & Discussion Websites

Such marketing strategies have proven to be easy and effective. People frequently visit websites like Wiki Answers and Yahoo Answers. If you take part in forums and discussion websites, you will be able to generate a lot of traffic for your business. You can easily leave backlinks on such websites and drive visitors to your website or blog. However, it is important not to spam forums to generate more leads. This can put you in a negative category and get yourself banned. It can be disastrous for the future of your business. On the other hand, forums and discussion websites can be a good source of targeted traffic when you handle everything appropriately.

  • Video Marketing

Startup investors understand the importance of video marketing, which is a relatively new internet marketing strategy. However, it is one of the most effective online marketing strategies available at your disposal. Recently, a lot of business owners have started promoting and advertising their businesses through video content.

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Websites like Metacafe and YouTube offer free platforms to publish video content for advertising and promotion. Videos are excellent for viral marketing. They get popular instantly. They are more effective than images or written content. Currently, videos are the best source to drive more traffic to your website.

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All the online marketing strategies mentioned above are completely free. However, it is always better if you use a combination of free and paid online marketing services to make the most out of them. There are many more online marketing strategies you can use for your business. Thus, you need to do a thorough research and ask for guidance from professionals and experts.

  • Customer Transactions

It is important to make sure that your customers are able to place an order quickly and easily. A website with a difficult sales process can never succeed. With such a website, you are more likely to lose customers. You need to fulfill every order as fast as you can. Moreover, your website should also be easy to navigate.

  • Focus on Security

Let your customers know that you’ve taken necessary steps to enhance the security measures of your website. Security should also be on your priority list. Your potential customers should be assured that their details will be kept safe and secure. It is also important to treat your customers with respect. You can even integrate an instant chat bar so that your customer service staff can interact with visitors on your website. Feedback is extremely important for the success of your online business. It is also important to understand that success in a business is not guaranteed. Some businesses succeed, while others fail. Although starting and setting up a business may be difficult and time-consuming, it will be rewarding if you put your mind and heart to it. Startup investors can fund your business, but you need to make sincere efforts to take it to another level.

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How to Startup Business with Small Capital?
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