How To Use a Content Writing Service For More Than Just a Blog Post

Can you believe blog writing services are only for blog posts? Think again! Have a peek at three other kinds of content which authors can prepare for you. Content writing solutions are famous avenues for purchasing website articles and white newspapers, but increased competition has led several services to provide exceptional, lesser-known formats of articles.

Infographic Duplicate

Infographics provide readers with vital data in a bite-sized format that is both easy to translate and — much better –simple to talk over social networking. Here is the way to effecitvely dictate one, incremental:

  1. Develop a concentrated, qualitative subject. Request your content writing support to pitch several infographic topics; select the one that you like best.
  2. Do study. Consistently emphasize that you need high-quality resources — newspapers, highly-respected sites, .edu and .gov domain names. Remind the author to not include hyperlinks from your opponents too. Ask a list of resources mentioned so you can include it in the base of your closing infographic.
  3. Transform study into the material. Ask the author to communicate your infographic articles — your stats, your listing, your how-to measures or whatever else — using brief, active-voice paragraphs which will not occupy too much room in your own closing infographic.

Video Scripts

The video is the latest growth area in articles promotion for good reason: 65 percentage of consumers that see a branded video after go to the organization’s website.

  1. Then ask your author to think of a script to satisfy your vision.
  2. Repurpose present content to make a movie script. Then send your it your composing service; inquire they change that content into a movie script.
  3. If you would like to produce a movie of static images using a voiceover, provide the author an concept about what you would like to convey.


Slideshows allow users to present written articles that is both visually appealing and memorable. SlideShare, an online slideshow program, is definitely the hottest, earning more than 120 million page views a month. Since demonstrations continue to be anchored by text, then it is an perfect task for a content writing support. If you are looking to purchase a copy for a demonstration, here is how to begin:

  1. Switch your evergreen content to some SlideShare deck. When you’ve got a blog article or post which gets a whole lot of visitors and its advice is still applicable, ask a writer to turn the text to your SlideShare deck.
  2. Update an old post or blog post with new information and change it to some SlideShare. When you’ve got an old part of content that is great, but slightly obsolete, purchase a new blog article to refresh the articles along with a SlideShare deck depending on the new article.
  3. Produce content for a completely new deck. When you’ve got a demonstration idea that has been yelling on mind, send your author a list of fast bullet points outlining what you wish to convey. The author can find out more about the subject to your own slides.

Variety is crucial to a fantastic content advertising effort. Why stick with the similar-looking blog articles once you’re able to provoke your audience with varied, engaging articles?

Has a content author supported your company by generating more than simply blog posts and posts? Share your adventures at the remarks below.

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How To Use a Content Writing Service For More Than Just a Blog Post
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