Juicy Pizzas in Bangalore That Will Make You Want More

Bangalore is quite a big city and you will find a lot of variety of food over here but if you are craving for pizzas then it is quite a big place and it is necessary that you have the details where to get the best pizza in Bangalore and which places are the cheapest among all the pizza places in Bangalore. So now we are going to list the various places where you can get the best Pizza in Bangalore.


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Top Pizza in Bangalore

  1. Cafe Mangii, Lavelle Road – Café Mangii serves the chewiest and delicious pizzas but when people think of this Café they remember every other thing about this café but forget about their pizzas. It serves you with one of the best pizza in Bangalore.
  2. Chianti – It serves you with one of the best Pizza in Bangalore and is one of the best Italian restaurant serving you with wine and pizza. Their red wine sangria is best with Quattro Formaggi pizza and should not be missed as you can taste all the flavors of the pizza.
  3. Brik Oven, Church Street – Brik oven is the place which provides you with one of the best pizza in Bangalore and the pizza is quite crunchy and soft and the tomato sauce is spread neatly and it does not need any topping then cheese. It is a quite good pizza with a thin crust but the crust is not that much thinner and the pizza is a good combination and should definitely be eaten.
  4. Little Italy – If you are complete vegan or some of your friends are then you should definitely take them to Little Italy as it is the best place which will make you crave for more. They always use fresh cheese and vegetables and the pizza is quite mouthwatering and will give you a feeling that you are in Italy.
  5. The Pizza Bakery, Indiranagar – You should definitely get Neopolitan pizza over here and this place provides you with one of the best pizza in Bangalore. The crust of the pizza is quite good and you will have a mouth-watering experience at this place.
  6. Vinny’s, Banashankari – The best thing about this pizza place is that you can choose your own toppings and there is no pre-defined topping and they have 5 locations present in Bangalore and they make you the best pizza in Bangalore.
  7. California Pizza Kitchen, Whitefield – California Pizza Kitchen provides you with a much better pizza and the pasta is quite good too from that place. You can also get a 9 to 14 pizza crust too.
  8. Ovenstory, Marathahalli – They sell the best 9-inch pizza and it is quite sufficient for 2 people and the crust is quite soft and good. There are 4 cheese toppings and they are quite good.
  9. Giselle Resto Cafe, Kammanahalli – It’s a quite a small place and it serves you with pizza, burgers and other wraps to you. They also play you with great music.

So we have listed down the places which you provide you with the Pizza in Bangalore and you should definitely consider going to.

Juicy Pizzas in Bangalore That Will Make You Want More
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