Know About Nancy Jewel McDonie Of Momoland – Bio, Facts, Family

Top Things About Nancy Jewel McDonie Of Momoland That You Should Know

Here are some fun facts about the Korean star Nancy Jewel McDonie of the popular K-pop group Momoland that you should know.

Nowadays, the South Korean girl group “Momoland” has been one of the most popular group not only in Korea but also in different countries all around the world.

Nancy is the stage name of Nancy Jewel McDonie, a singer and MC who is a member of the South Korean girl group MOMOLAND. Nancy who was born on April 13, 2000, to an American father and a Korean mother, and she grew up in the United States. She competed in the Korean music survival program “Finding Momoland” and debuted in late 2016 as one of the seven members to make the cut.  Nancy became a host of the popular music program “Pops in Seoul.”

7 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Nancy McDonie of Momoland


Momoland member Nancy Jewel McDonie, a popular member of the group was taking the social media by storm and even compared to Filipina actress Liza Soberano.

Here are some facts that you should know about Nancy:

  • Birth

The Korean star was born as Nancy Jewel McDonie on April 13, 2000, at Daegu, South Korea but she grew up in Ohio, United States of America.

  • Zodiac Sign


  • Nationality

Half-American & Half-Korean

  • Educational Attainment

Last February 09, 2018, Nancy finished her education at HanLin Art School in Songpa District in Seoul.

  • Career Beginning

In 2016, the young lady joined the reality talent competition entitled “Finding Momoland” and became a member of the group together with Hyebin, Yeonwoo, Jane, Nayun, JooE, and Ahin. Nancy is also the youngest member of the group.

  • Love Life

Currently, the American-Korean star is single and available.

  • Look Alike

She has been also compared to the Kapamilya actress Liza Soberano because of their similarities.

  • Nickname

McDonie is also known as Jonancy and Aenan as her nickname.


Here are 5 things you need to know about Nancy:

Birth Name: Nancy Jewel McDonie
Stage name: Nancy
Korean name: Lee Seung-ri
Position: Maknae (youngest in the group), lead vocalist, visual
Birthday: April 13, 2000
Height: 162 cm (5ft 3¾ in)
Weight: 46kg (101 lbs)
Blood type: O
7 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Nancy McDonie of Momoland
  1. She’s Half American/Half Korean Yes, you read it right, Nancy is half American and half Korean, as her dad is an American while her mom is a Korean. She’s born in Daegu in South Korea, however, she was raised in Ohio, United States.
  2.  Her zodiac/star sign is Aries If you are versed about what does star sign/zodiac (on some countries), then you might want to know that Nancy’s star sign was Aries, which falls from people who are born between March 21-April 19.
  3. She was on reality show ‘Finding MOMOLAND’ A 2016 reality show that aims to form the next big hit girl group from Dublekick, Nancy, among with the other MOMOLAND members, was a part of the seven winning members of the show.
  4. She was also part of SBS Inkigayo’s Sunny Girls image via A project girl group made by the popular music show for its ‘Music Crush’ project in 2016, Sunny Girls is comprised of a really impressive, visual-oriented lineup: G-Friend‘s Eunha, Cosmic Girls‘ Cheng Xiao, Oh My Girl‘s YooA, Gugudan‘s Nayoung, and of course, Momoland‘s Nancy.
  5. She likes musicals, to the point that she can make it amazing While we know that this girl loves musicals, what we didn’t know is that she can make one amazing. This clip from ‘Finding MOMOLAND’ shows Nancy’s amazing voice as well as her smooth-sweet English accent.
7 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Nancy McDonie of Momoland
Know About Nancy Jewel McDonie Of Momoland – Bio, Facts, Family
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