Obtaining Healthy Democracy Through Voting App

Democracy could be defined as, of people, by people and for people. It is not just a right to practice, it even duty of every citizen. India is one of the largest democracy in the world.

But when it comes about participation in the voting process, then only a small percentage of citizen participate in it. If the voting is made compulsory for the citizens, then only the right candidate will get elected and that person only has the right opportunity to run the country.

Many citizens avoid elections due to some common factors like hassle to visit the booth, numerous sensitive booths where incidences of booth capturing occur and corruption in the entire voting process and many more.

In order to prevent all such problems, if online medium of voting is opted, and voting is conducted through Mobile Voting App then that will enable the people to vote from the comfort of their home and thus, there is no difficulty in making voting process compulsory.

Some Facts You should Know

  • Just having the right to vote is not enough. Citizens must know whom they are voting and therefore for that the online app tells the people about their leader. Only when people know the leader and various issues in respect of society, empowerment, and many other aspects of growth and development then only they will be able to make the right choice.


  • There is huge gap between the urban and rural India. The growth aspects, issues and all other factors are different in both the areas so people must have complete knowledge about the needs of their area. Only when they know the needs, then only they can take steps for electing such a leader who wants to fulfill those basic needs.


  • There are many countries like Australia where voting is compulsory. These countries are doing well in every aspect especially in economic front, similarly if democracies like India wants to compete with these countries, then they have to make voting compulsory for every citizen and for a such a large country only with the help of online voting website this could be possible.


  • It has been found that sometimes low turnout of voters has caused unworthy candidates to secure a victory and rule the country with wrong policies. There are numerous reasons of low turnout of voters like some of them may not be present in the country or some may not be in good health or some may simply feel lazy to go to the booth. Whatever may be reason, it could be easily resolved by implementing online voting system.


  • Huge amount is spent in campaigning for elections and for encouraging people to vote. Further more money is spent on polling stations and officials who conduct the election process. This could be saved if voting is made compulsory and online voting is implemented.


If India wants to make all its aspirations true, then first of all it has to change its voting process. Implementing mobile voting app will make this possible as that would abolish all malpractices and thus will aid in formation of such a government who frames policies for development of the country.

Obtaining Healthy Democracy Through Voting App
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