Do You Really Need Professional for Controlling Mosquitoes?

Most people do not take mosquito infestation seriously. They believe it is a DIY job and professional intervention will only squeeze money out of their pockets. However, the truth is just the opposite. Professional mosquito treatment is 100% more effective than the DIY approach. Additionally, it is a safer option too.

Spraying over the counter chemicals is just a temporary solution. If you are not convinced, here are some reasons your house needs professional mosquito control services:

  • Effective Yard Treatment

Most professionals recommend mosquito treatment services at least once in a month especially during the warm season. The treatment is specifically targeted to attack pests at all stages of their life cycle.

  • Remove Other Pests Too!

The best thing about professional mosquito control services is that they can eliminate any other yard pests. Most services are designed in a fashion to exterminate ticks, fleas, and fire ants.

  • Hassle Free Job

A DIY job may not help you to able to fully eliminate the infestation. This means you may have to bear more headaches soon after. A professional service is trained and experienced to fully and permanently treat the infestation.

  • Superior Targeting

Buying pesticides from local store may seem to be a convenient and affordable option. However, you may not be aware of how to use it. On the other hand, a professional exterminator is equipped with the knowledge about exact places to look at and the best ways to apply pesticide to kill mosquitoes. Professionals will not let materials go wasted. They will use just enough to remove the infestation.

  • Safe Removal of Mosquitoes

A common mosquito treatment technique involves use of mosquito blowers (misters or foggers). These blowers are used to release chemical insecticides into the air. Even distribution of the chemicals across the property will kill mosquitoes. However, chemicals used in fogging can also cause harm human life, insects, pets, and kids. Most reputable pest control services have stopped using mosquito blowers. These professionals focus on killing mosquitoes without putting the environment and those living in it at risk.

  • Effective Removal of Larvae

Mosquitoes don’t just keep flying and buzzing around. Apart from sucking your blood, these pests spend good amount of time underwater. They stay out of sight to avoid treatment methods. Female mosquitoes hunt for stagnant water after mating. They use the water to lay eggs.

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It takes time for eggs to emerge as adult mosquitoes. This is when they leave water. The total time take for a mosquito to mature from egg to adult is 10 days. This means that if you neglected your home and yard for breeding pools and treated only adult mosquitoes, the infestation may be back in just a few weeks. Hiring a professional mosquito control services will ensure complete elimination of larvae from water bodies. The experts are equipped with requisite tools, experience, and skillset to take care of eggs, immature mosquitoes, and adults. A professional team will kill all mosquitoes on your property. They also know how to prevent them from breeding.

  • Get a Quote

A quote comparison will help you to compare services offered by different pest control companies for mosquito removal and the prices. This is important before making a final choice. You can get these quotes for free online. Make sure you get at least 3-5 quotes from different companies.

To Sum Up

If you are looking forward to maintain a mosquito free home, hire experienced professionals. They are experienced and possess the right tools to undertake the job safely and effectively.


Do You Really Need Professional for Controlling Mosquitoes?
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