Quick And Easy Tips To Clean Your Bathroom | Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Between limestone, soap scum, hair and dirt that accumulate, clean your bathroom can quickly put you in water! And yet, the hygiene of the bathroom must be irreproachable not to shower with microbes … To save time, follow these tips for a quick and flawless result!

The 4 Golden Rules for a Gleaming Bathroom

Get Rid of limestone: Arm Your Spray with White Vinegar

Limestone is the # 1 enemy in the bathroom. To get rid of it, no need to use abrasive and expensive cleaners, opt for white vinegar. Recognized for its disinfecting properties, this product also removes lime scale effectively. Spray it in the toilets, on the joints and the taps leave on for a few minutes, then rinse.

Disinfect the Sink and Toilet with the Infallible Baking Soda

Baking soda is an alternative to often toxic household products. Economical and eco-friendly, it deodorizes the piping, removes traces of soap or mold and decals. Pure on a sponge, just rub and rinse.

Bleach the Tiles: with Black Soap, Anything is Possible!

Like vinegar, black soap has degreasing properties. This 100% natural product cleans and shines your tiles. Mix 1 tablespoon of black soap paste in 5 liters of warm water, then wash the floor with your mop. No need to rinse. Respect the dosage indicated because the black soap is very concentrated.

The Mirror and Shower Panes Impels, the Use of Natural Detergent

Eliminate steam and traces with this detergent recipe: mix in a spray bottle 25 cl of dematerialized water, 15 cl of white vinegar and 5 drops of lemongrass essential oil. Spray and clean with a micro fiber cloth. Another tip, little known, is to use alcohol to burn at 90 ° pure in a spray and wipe with a newspaper.

Cleanliness Goes through Storage

How to optimize the space?

In France, an average bathroom is less than 6 m2. In order to gain maximum space in a small bathroom, the key word is: purified. Every object must have its place and be at hand. Think practical and easy to use! Heaped up products and sprawling clothes make the room look smaller and give an impression of sloppiness. So choose carefully your storage space, both compact and multifunctional, and optimize every free corner.

Choosing the right storage items

Since cleanliness also comes through layout, maximize space by using the right furniture and storage accessories: a mirror with a toothbrush and toothpaste shelf, a hair dryer stand, a storage column to win in height and store products or towels, a vanity unit with drawers for makeup, care products, hair accessories, invisible glass shelves, a towel radiator that reduces drying time and finally a basket dirty laundry to drop the cases.

Where to place the pharmacy box?

Storing your medication is just as important as the hygiene of the bathroom. Get rid of old boxes and those that are no longer useful to you. Secure the medicine cabinet high enough to keep it out of reach of children, or choose a model that locks for safety. To properly store your medications, opt for a cabinet with an airtight door, it effectively protects your seals from moisture.

Good Habits to Adopt

Maintain the piping

Your piping is clogged or gives off an unpleasant odor? No need to call a plumber if you have regular maintenance! Just pour baking soda into your siphon with white vinegar to get a chemical reaction and let it work for 15 minutes. Then pour boiling water. That’s it!

Air the bathroom

Remember to regularly ventilate your bathroom, opening the window for a few minutes, as moisture promotes the formation of bacteria and scale on your joints. The installation of a Mechanical Vaccination (VMP) on a glass or a pipe of evacuation is as much a legal obligation as a sanitary necessity. If you have no opening in the room, then opt for a Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (VMC), a device that will renew the air.

Use a shower curtain or install a wall to avoid splashing

Used to preserve the intimacy and element of decoration, the shower curtain makes it possible especially to protect splashing and thus to avoid the puddles of water or traces of limestone. Choose it of good quality so that it does not stick to the skin at the slightest draft – burr it’s so unpleasant – and washable! The must at present, the shower wall: waterproof, rigid and easy to clean. Attention, this accessory is not chosen at random, parameters are to be taken into account: the opening of the door (swing door or folding), the configuration of the shower (against a wall or angle), and the dimensions (standard or tailor-made). Ask the advice of professionals in specialty stores.

Perform a weekly cleaning

For impeccable hygiene, frequent cleaning is required! It is advisable to clean at least once a week to disinfect everything. You must then organize yourself and plan for it. The best is to store in an accessible place your accessories and cleaning products apart, gloves, sponge and scrub brush including, which are only used for the use of the bathroom and toilet, of course! So you can quickly grab them and start your housework. Finally want to give one of the best advices, if you don’t know how to clean your bathroom properly then hire a one of the best housekeeping agency nearby your area and get your solution.

Quick And Easy Tips To Clean Your Bathroom | Bathroom Cleaning Tips
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