Steps to enjoy progressive lenses in spite of Astigmatism

Selection of right eyewear is very essential for any situation. Whether you need eyeglasses for watching your favorite TV show or want to read text or require for computer work. You want to make sure, exactly what are you looking for. Unfortunately, this simple statement becomes complicated.

It becomes difficult to choose the right eyewear from a number of options. You become confused and don’t understand what exactly you need. It really becomes worse, when you have to choose a perfect frame and lenses for your prescription safety glasses.

The same situation happens with astigmatism when you don’t know what you have. If you don’t care about buying progressive lens eyeglasses, you will get some uncertain results. To prevent from unpleasant and unexpected results, here are a few steps to enjoy progressive lenses, if you have astigmatism.

Need to understand astigmatism:

First, you have to understand the term astigmatism. You might have heard about this one, but you would not understand the symptoms of astigmatism. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, astigmatism is the imperfection of the cornea curvature. It has clear, dome-shaped that covers the pupil and iris of eyes or it can be the shape of eyes lens.

Normally, lens and cornea equally curved in all directions. But if they are not evenly curved, the light rays don’t refract properly. When this happens, your vision for near and far distances start to appear blurs. In this situation, you need to visit an eye doctor.

How progressive lenses work:

For astigmatism, you need progressive lenses for multiple prescriptions. Progressive lenses are the evolution of traditional bifocal lenses. Basically, as you age up, you need multiple prescriptions for near and far distances. Bifocal lenses are split at the center of lenses in an upper half and lower half of the portion.

Progressive lenses have taken one step further, as they eliminate the middle line of the lenses. By eliminating the middle line, you will get more natural vie. You can see clearly for both the distances. Armourx 6001 frame is an ideal for your progressive lenses.

Get the right prescription:

Progressive lenses are designed to treat astigmatism. There are perfect for those people who have such vision problem. The lenses provide an equal view with multiple prescription strength. This tool gives you so clear view even if your cornea is not smooth and are refracting light properly. But this can happen if you have the right prescription.

In case of the wrong prescription, you will get a headache and significantly you can find unbalance issue. So it is better to have the right prescription before going to buy progressive lenses of branded safety glasses. So that you could enjoy the natural view with your eyewear.

Find the right online store:

After having an accurate prescription, next, you have to find the right online store, so that you could order for correct lens power. Even better, if you explore the right website, you can make sure the right frame for your progressive lenses. 3m d490 safety glasses provide perfect result for progressive lenses.

Adjustment period:

Finally, the moment has reached for trying your new eyewear for minimizing the impact of astigmatism. You might get a headache by wearing first-time new eyewear. Don’t panic, it is a normal situation with progressive lenses. The eyes take time to adjust with these lenses and they don’t adjust without pain. You have to allow your eyes for up to two weeks to adjust with these new sets.

After the adjustment period, still you cannot see clearly, don’t extend your adjustment period. Now it’s a time to return your ANSI safety glasses or change the prescription. Progressive lenses for astigmatism are a powerful combination for each other.

Steps to enjoy progressive lenses in spite of Astigmatism
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