Symptoms of Pyorrhea and Its Causes: Pyorrhea Natural Remedies

Pyorrhea has become a frequent tooth and gum disease nowadays. In this disease the teeth bleed, become spongy and filled with pus. Ultimately that the tooth is lost. This happens when the film which ensures the teeth is influenced. The membrane is damaged by bacteria that flourish on the food collected between the openings of teeth.

You can save your tooth if pyorrhea is treated in time. Pyorrhea can develop in adults in addition to kids; however, the risk increases in elderly age group. Great oral hygiene and scaling can reduce the risk of pyorrhea in many people.

The symptoms of pyorrhea are painful gums. Pus oozes out in the margin of teeth once the teeth are pressed. Gums become bloated and red. The majority of the time once the pus dissipates from the gums is swallowed by the patient. It reaches the stomach leading to several stomach problems. Patient suffers from stomach upset. In advanced cases of pyorrhea there is a possibility of sepsis.

  • Which Are The Main Causes Of Pyorrhea?

Bacterial growth is the principal source of pyorrhea. The damaging germs thrive on food that gets trapped in between the teeth when you eat your meal. If the meals remains for a long run, the bacteria thriving on it creates a thin film called plaque. Because there is build up plaque, the toxin produced by bacteria damages the gums resulting in bleeding, pain, swelling and pus formation. Together with low immune system and eating unhealthy food the affliction is further slowed.

Eating incorrect foods like excess of sugar, white flour products, processed and processed food all contribute to pyorrhea. The risk of pyorrhea increases in people who use toothpicks to eliminate the stuck food substance. Often, they hurt the gums and tissues involving tooth. It encourages bacteria to proliferate within the damaged gums. They corrode and multiply the gums. Poor oral hygiene is one of the reasons for damage to gums and teeth.

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Stress is suspected to be another contributory purpose behind pyorrhea. People living under stressful situations may not take care of their dental cavity as they used to. It surely affects gums and teeth besides other organs of the body. Incorrect method of brushing, use of mouth wash with dangerous chemicals, allergy and certain medications are also accountable for pyorrhea.

  • Natural Home Remedies For Pyorrhea

Pyorrhea can be readily treated with home remedies. Below some are given home remedies and tips that are found beneficial in treating pyorrhea problem.

It is essential for a person experiencing pyorrhea to understand he must change his eating and lifestyle habits. He should avoid smoking and alcohol. He should practice good oral hygiene. He also should avoid foods that contain excessive of white sugar and sweets. Likewise avoid tea, coffee and colas as excessive of it is harmful for teeth and gums health.

Eat foods that are fibrous and difficult. Chewing these foods promotes the gums to exercise which is most important to make gums powerful.

Lemon juice is beneficial in curing pyorrhea. Gently massage lemon juice bleeding gums. Initially it may hurt but after several days the patient becomes used. Regular usage of lemon juice will heal pyorrhea.

Seasame oil is just another time tested home remedy to treat pyorrhea. Take one or two teaspoon of sesame oil into your mouth and gargle. Once done, throw off the material.

Take on teaspoon of mustard oil and pinch of salt. You can even use cotton swab to massage the affected region. Soak the cotton ball from the mixture and massage. Guava contains vitamin C. Green guava being tough provides extra strength to gums.

Symptoms of Pyorrhea and Its Causes: Pyorrhea Natural Remedies
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