The Importance of Real Estate Marketing

Real estate agents have long worked without targeted real estate marketing. With the advent of the internet, the situation has changed dramatically: increasing competition, creating new agencies, developing new prospecting methods. It is now essential to understand buying and selling behaviors. Practicing a good real estate marketing is vital for the business!

Before going into the heart of the matter, it seems important to me to define what real estate marketing. Fabrice Larcenous, author of the book  Marketing Real Estate , gives this definition: ” At the same time strategic and operational, real estate marketing covers a set of techniques, methods and means available to real estate agents to predict , influence and satisfy the needs of potential buyers and sellers “.

The goal of real estate marketing and plot for sale in DHA phase 6 is not the art of selling, but to decipher the needs of customers and put in place strategies to best meet them.

Its role is therefore to add value to the offer through various marketing tools.

Classic Real Estate Marketing vs. Real Estate Marketing 2.0

As mentioned above, internet and social networks are changing the acquisition of prospects. Today, traditional outbound marketing techniques use outdated and expensive methods. The results are less and less convincing.

The solution? Inbound marketing!

The marketing outbound primarily involves searching the prospect through methods such as:

  • The phoning
  • media advertising: newspapers, television, radio
  • the purchase of advertising space

whereas he did not emit the need. A highly polluting and intrusive approach that is no longer tolerable at present.

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Conversely, inbound marketing involves attracting the prospect through the implementation of specific actions. How?

Thanks in particular to:

  • SEO / paid referencing
  • Corporate blog, expertise blog, informative blog …
  • Social networks
  • Newsletter

Inbound marketing strategy :

  • Produce content for your blog / website: articles, news, videos, photos, presentations, pdf, links, ebook ….
  • Optimize this content for Google SEO
  • Promote it on social networks
  • Generate leads on your blog / website by putting
  • in place contact forms: free estimate, buy / sell …
  • Inbound marketing is on the rise! By proposing non-intrusive action plans, it attracts the potential customer spontaneously. It offers attractive content that meets its needs.

The consequences of inbound marketing

The results of pro inbound companies are striking! The benefits are:

  • increased visibility
  • community expansion
  • increased traffic to the website
  • increase in the number of new customers
  • Controlled budget: 60% less budget than outbound

How to set it up?

From now on, a real estate agency can no longer be reduced to two three qualified agents. A real estate agency results from the combined action of experts! Real estate, law, marketing, communication … so many essential areas to master to perfection.

To be framed and surrounded by experts is essential!

At Flexvision, we understand it! This is the reason why we have developed a real estate division.

With the help of our webmasters, graphic designers and community managers, we put in place a real estate marketing strategy of the most efficient and ensure the good development of your company. Benefit from our experience of more than 10 years in the sector and raise your business!

Interested? Contact us to know all our services and together, set up a warrior strategy!

The Importance of Real Estate Marketing
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