The Travel Influencer Guide: 8 Strategies That Can Up Your Game

Gorgeous photos of destinations with dreamy backgrounds and picturesque settings has transpired into a common occurrence on social media, especially Instagram. Rather than everyday photos, people love experience travelling those these stunning photos. Visual storytelling is the name of the game, and the travel industry is making the most of it.

We’ve all been there, scrolling through eye-catching travel photos of our favorite Instagrammers and thinking ‘it’s fancy and I want to be a travel influencer too!’ From the outside, it’s all peachy but being an influencer is a full-time job, not something you can do on the side. But if you’ve successfully started your journey, then hats off to you! However, if you feel you’ve reached a stage where you’re slowly becoming stagnant and want to burst out of that bubble, then make room for some fine-tuning.

Here are 8 Instagram strategies which will make you stand out as a travel influencer.

  1. Share authentic experiences

Just like how limited leg room and baggage weight are a thing while traveling, sharing beautiful photos of your vacation on Instagram is a booming thing too! According to a survey, 76% of travelers post their vacation photos on one of the social networks. Instagram also plays a significant role in assisting those bitten by the travel bug to choose a destination. Travelers plan their trip, what they do and where to go based on travel influencers photos. So you’ve got to share authentic experiences. Plus, the more you appeal to your followers, the more brands will come looking to you. Ex: A travel brand, EURAIL Pass, made use of influencer marketing to reach a wide range of audiences. The brand worked with The Blonde Abroad, one of the top travel influencers. Through sponsored content, she displayed how the pass can be used for making your Euro trip simpler for a first timer. By sharing a real experience which can touch people’s hearts, you can appeal to both followers and brands.

  1. Offer an insider’s journey

Make an Instagram Story and give your audience a richer and deeper story. Stream real-time adventures, show what shooting in the winter is like or give people a surfing lesson, it’s all a way to draw more attention. An authentic peek into your life will instantly attract oodles of followers. Airbnb did just this – they provided complimentary accommodation for a bunch of acts at Coachella in California. In exchange, the influencers needed to promote their homes on their profiles. This gave the audience an insider look at Coachella as well as the amazing stays to grab when they visit the concert.

  1. Hashtags are a must

After the image and content, the next most important element of your post is hashtags. Captions reveal the story behind the image and hashtags help get the caption and image noticed by those who aren’t in your sphere of followers. If a user looks for relevant industry-related hashtags, your posts should pop up. If not, most likely your competitors’ posts are, and they’re increasing their influence and growing their followers. Use 12-15 extremely relevant hashtags like where the photo was clicked, the device you used to click the photo, the type of photo, etc. Using things like #beautiful and #travel will not get you any attention and in no time will you post be drowned!

Tip 1: Think strategically and use hashtags wisely. #You #Do #Not #Need #It #All.

Tip 2: Tagging businesses, places and other influencers can earn you a repost or even connect with someone who can help you and take you to the next level.

  1. Aim for quality over quantity

You need to click AMAZING photos. Although it sounds easier said than done, you need to use simple techniques to improve your photos. Share quality images which people like to and want to see, though it may not be something you necessarily like to share. This helps attract followers. When it comes to improving photos, there are several editing apps which can help you take it up a notch. For a travel influencer, the Instagram-provided filters won’t cut it. You need to add structure, depth, sharpen the image or bump up the contrast.

Tip: The key to getting a great shot without editing is natural light. Also, vertical images grab people’s attention and make full use of screen ‘real estate’.

  1. Get a niche

You must have heard ‘riches are in the niches’ being bounced around, and it’s true! It’s great to be a travel blogger, but as one, you need to pick a niche and set yourself apart. Few examples of niches are adventure, food, family, luxury, romance, solo, etc. If you’re someone who focuses on décor, then hotels that take pride in their design will reach out to you. There are different types of travelers, and hence, brands would like to work with influencers who have an audience that takes an interest in their field or destination. Similarly, the more niche you are, there are higher chances of piquing the interest of your followers.

  1. Write a compelling caption

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’, this holds true on Instagram. Captions add incredible value to content if used appropriately. They enrich the content and the reason behind the photo can be beautifully narrated. A beautiful photo complimented by a captivating caption can receive thousands of likes and thousands of comments.

  1. Do Interesting Stuff

Sounds basic? Well, how about you think tenfold outside the box of basic. That’s what we mean! Your content should be challenging, fascinating and sensational – the kind that gets noticed. Things like kayaking in Greenland, sailing the coast of Africa or taking a trip across India, these activities score at least an 8 on the scale of awesomeness. Since they’re unique and fun, they’ll likely garner more attention and likes. All your content doesn’t have to be Buzzfeed worthy but a few spic inclusions from time to time is a great idea!

  1. Build an audience

With the help of the above points, build an audience. In reality, to become a good travel influencer and earn money, you need a good amount of audience. If an audience is engaged by your content, you’ve captured them for the long-haul. With a larger audience, you could also get more clients and more followers.

Think about the end game

Delicious meals, exotic location, exquisite hotels, luxurious stay, are things which come to anyone’s mind when you say travel. This is far-fetched for an average person but as an influencer, this is attainable. Influencers play an important role in a brand’s marketing strategy. But as an influencer, you’ve got to put in an effort to shine!

The Travel Influencer Guide: 8 Strategies That Can Up Your Game
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