Tips for Preparing Before the Soccer Game

Playing soccer game for the first time? Here are some tips to help you prepare for it.


This is the first most important step you need to take before you become a good soccer player. Joining a reputed soccer academy is the initial step. An experience coach will help you to develop your skill and play to your full potential. Understand and follow his directions. With a good coach by your side, you can get that much needed extra push to be successful in the game.

Take Responsibility

You need to take challenge on your own. Strictly avoid doing or indulging in anything that makes you nervous, unhappy, or depressed. Be happy and focus on your goals. Take care of yourself, divert your attention, and imagine becoming a great football player.

Before the Game

If you are finally ready to play the game, make the preparations. Being prepared for the game is the best way to do your best. Here are some steps you need to follow right before the game:

Prepare The Dress

It is time to launder your league t-shirt or team jersey. Keep everything ready and in good shape such as the shorts, matching soccer socks, and athletic undergarments. Make sure these things are ready a week earlier. Focus on other things too such as placing indoor shoes (or cleats) in gear bag.

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Do not forget soccer sandals and another t shirt to change once the game is over. Other important things to have include the fee for league/referee, medical waiver, bottled water, and energy bar. Strictly avoid leaving these tasks to the last minute.

Packing your Gear Bag Wisely

You need to pack a premium grade (practice-grade) pair of shin guards. This will serve as backup for you. This may really help in case you misplace your shin guards.

First Aid Kit

Prepare a first-aid kit that contains the following items:

  • Aspirin
  • Elastic wraps
  • Bandage strips
  • Athletic tape
  • Sunscreen
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Plastic bags to store crushed ice
  • Inhaler (if you have asthma)
  • Ankle supports or knee braces (to heal chronic injuries)
  • Nail clippers

The Meal before Game

This is important. You must eat your last full meal at least 3 hours prior to the game. You can have a light snack one hour before. It is good to dress at home in your game gear. Leave shin guards and cleats. You should also pack ankle or knee supports. Experts suggest players to wear street shoes to the game. Allow enough time to reach the venue ideally about 45 minutes before the game starts. Check all league telephone recordings for understanding outdoor field conditions.

Preparing For the Field

You must change into cleats and wear ankle or knee supports once you arrive at the field. Reach the field at least 25 minutes prior before the game. Start warming up with high knees, cariocas, and butt kickers. Jog across the soccer field. You need to pair off with your teammates and do some hamstring curls. These warm up exercises are very beneficial in preventing any soccer injuries.

Create Circle on Field

You need to create a large circle on the field. Now practice passing on the ground. Also pass the ball in air to your teammates (this is for field player). For a goalie, it is time to recruit one or two forwards to shoot grounders. Utilize this time to prepare yourself mentally on your priorities. Set some goals for the game. It also helps to practice some positive self-talk. This is important to bring out your best in the game.

Tips for Preparing Before the Soccer Game
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