Top 15 Interior designers in India in 2019 {Must Follow}

In the last decade, the Interior designing as a field and the designers both have come a long way. These days’, not just metros but small cities and towns are also taking the influence of the designing culture. This widespread artistic flow has showered us with some amazing faces in the field of Interior designing. These geniuses do something that is totally different and unique in its own way.

Top 15 Interior designers in India in 2019.

  1. Tanya Gyani: This graduate from NIFT, New Delhi has worked on some of the great projects in Italy, India and Nepal. She is famous for her marvellous designing of several high-end bars and restaurants.
  2. Manit Rastogi: If you are a fan of durable designs with a subtle touch of creativity, then Manit Rastogi’s design will make you fall in love with them. His firm, Morphogenesis is based in Delhi. He is won a number of national and international awards for his top-notch interior designing in Media houses.
  3. SanjytSyngh: An Indian interior designer and decorator who has made his name through his marvellous work in India and foreign countries, SanjytSyngh runs an Interior designing firm in New Delhi. His Bespoke Art designs and space planning skills are the base of his amazing projects like Lado Sarai and Pali Hill.
  4. Gauri Khan: Spouse of the King of Bollywood, Gauri Khan made her name with her interesting designs and unique sense of interior designing. One of her amazing works in the Design Cell in Mumbai.
  5. Monika Khanna: Monika took the field of Interior design to a whole new level. Her amazing work of the Indian Luxury trains- The Royal Orient and The Palace is just the beginning of a long list of influential designs.
  6. Anjum Jung: For those who are in the forte of Urban design, Anjum Jung’s project are a treat for them. Her critically acclaimed project of Oakwood Service Apartments and Oasis Spa and Resort are some of her best projects.
  7. Twinkle Khanna: Another Bollywood Diva who has made her spot in the best Interior designer in India, Twinkle Khanna is the founder of her interior designing firm, The White Window.
  8. Rajiv Saini: The man who made to the U.K. based magazine wallpaper, Mr Rajiv and his work of interior designing is amazing. His projects like Devigarh Hotel in Udaipur and Marriott Hotel in Goa are some of his masterpieces.
  9. Lipika Sud: The founder of Lipika Sud Interior Pvt. Ltd. and Art n Aura, Lipika Sud is a world-renowned Interior designer. She holds the title of Best Design Professionals of 2012.
  10. Sussanne Khan: Sussanne tops the list of Celebrity Interior designers. She holds her degree of Interior designing from the prestigious Blooks College of California. Her clientele includes some of the famous names in Bollywood comprising Rani Mukherjee and Priyanka Chopra.
  11. Pinky Pandit: One of the veterans of the field of Indian Interior designing, Pinky Pandit runs an interior designing firm named Modus Design Studio. She is the face of female Interior designers in India.
  12. Sunita Kohli: Sunita has earned a great spot in the field of interior designing with her top-notch work restoration and decoration of projects like PM’s office, Hyderabad House etc. she is known for her impeccable work in research-based projects.
  13. Aamir Sharma: If you admire the designs of Lotus Palace Restaurants or Testa Rosa Café, then Aamir Sharma is the person you should look for. He and her wife, Hameeda, run a firm named AANDH in Hyderabad. His designs carry the essence of playfulness.
  14. Shabnam Gupta: The lady who is famous for her creative designs with minimalistic exposure. Shabnam and his associates at The Orange Lane are known for their unmatched space management designs.
  15. Ambrish Arora: The founder of Lotus Studio, Ambrish is a well-known interior designer and decorator who have worked on several critically renowned projects. His spatial and Architecture designs have made him earn the title of the best in this field.
Top 15 Interior designers in India in 2019 {Must Follow}
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