Top 7 iPad Apps for Planning Events and Meeting

When we talk about the most successful piece of technology which has a huge impact on every market Apple’s iPad is without a doubt ranked above all others. Ipad has proved to be the most successful product launched by Apple in recent years. It has quickly acquired a large piece of market share since its launch. The popularity of iPad is just going to increase with the passage of time as third-party developers are making new apps every day which is increasing the productivity and market value of the device. Ipads are found to be useful in every field whether it is related to education or business everyone is familiar with this technology and can benefit from it using different apps according to their needs.

To plan and manage large events require more than one person to cooperate and manage different tasks for this type of situations the coordination between the team is very important. Ipad applications provide a better solution to this problem as some of the event planning apps are synced between the ipads of all the team members makes it easier for them to perform their tasks and keep other teammates updated. Buying ipads for this purpose is not always convenient. A simple solution to this problem is to hire the services of an ipad rental company.

You can rent ipads from them for a short period of time at a very affordable price which seems a better option in terms of budget management. As for this article, we have discussed some of the apps which are developed to address the issues related to event planning and providing a better platform to manage and organize a successful event instead of using traditional ways.

Planning an Event is Hard

Planning an event is a very stressful thing to do even if your target audience is very organized and well mannered. Every event has its own requirements and particularities that an event planner has to consider for executing a successful event.

Why we Need Apps

It is a great responsibility to plan an event as it involves the engagement of a diverse audience and organizing it in a way which satisfies everyone is a tough goal to achieve. Luckily the development of technology has provided an easy solution to every problem in our everyday life there are computer applications available for every platform which makes it easy for us to address these problems.

What an app Should be Focused on for Event Planning

An app developed for event planning purpose should be capable of providing all the tools to easily manage and execute a successful event. From the very first step of choosing a venue to the last step of making the last-minute changes, it should be comprehensive enough for planners to cover all these areas. Ipad has a huge marketplace for apps and there are many apps available for this platform that provide event planning services some of the best are covered in this article.

Pro Party Planner

It is a very comprehensive app in terms of event planning. Pro party planner provides almost every tool to better organize and conduct your event. Its useful features are listed below.

  • Seating charts
  • Manage guests
  • Track budget
  • Collaborate with teammates
  • Create shopping lists
  • Augmented reality feature
  • Reminders
  • Backup and share your events

It is also very convenient to use because of its organized and simple user interface. The latest version also offers an augmented reality feature which is very useful to visualize your information on actual location. You can purchase the app at Apple’s Appstore for 4.99$.

Birthday & Party Planner

This app lets you organize your event according to the theme of the event. Many event variants are available to choose from. After selecting the theme, you can start planning your event accordingly. An overview of its features is as follows.

  • Event categories
  • Guest manager
  • Budget manager
  • Event Menu manager
  • Sync to Dropbox
  • Task overview and reminders
  • Social sharing

The app is available at Apple’s Appstore for 1.99$.


A great app to create personalized event invitations. It offers many new digital invitations for any occasion with customization. Some features are listed below.

  • Customized invitations
  • Personalize invitation templates
  • Sending invites via direct message and tracking
  • Send updates and set reminders
  • The app is available for free at the Apple’s Appstore.

BigNight: Dinner Party Planner

This app specifically focuses on planning dinner parties. You can manage menus, create shopping lists and many other tasks as follows.

  • Create menu
  • Select or import a recipe
  • Manage shopping list
  • Share with friends
  • Add reminders

You can get the app from Appstore for 3.99$.


It is rather a simple application which lets you create to-do lists and task to keep you in check about the things you need to get done for the event. Some of its features are listed below.

  • Creating to-do lists and tasks
  • Set due dates and reminders
  • Add important notes to your lists
  • Share with friends and easy sync to phone or computer feature

It is available for free at Apple’s Appstore.

PartyMaker: Event Planner

It is a very simple and pure event planning app which offers some basic tools to better organize an event and share with your friends. The app offers personalized digital invitations, guest list management, and event charts creation tools. It is available through Appstore for free.

As the name depicts this app is focused on finding the perfect venue for your event near your location. The app has over 15000 venues for different events. Its features are listed below.

  • 15,000 venues by location and capacities
  • Venue videos and media
  • Special offers and availability

The app can be downloaded from Apple’s Appstore for free.

Top 7 iPad Apps for Planning Events and Meeting
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