Types of Aluminium Doors for Residential Properties

The aluminium doors are gaining popularity around the world due to the plethora of benefits they offer.  Aluminium is a durable material that can last for a lifetime if used with care. Before aluminium, the materials available for the making of doors were only wood and steel.

Aluminium being a durable and lightweight metal is the best option for doors and windows. It is best for both the residential and commercial applications. Once installed, you can rely on them for long life and low maintenance cost.

With the arrival of aluminium doors, homeowners now have plenty of options to choose for their house. There are many types of aluminium doors available in the markets for the interior and external settings of your house. Let us check all the types of aluminium doors that you can install in your home for the safety of your home.

Aluminium Casement doors

The aluminium doors are similar to the ordinary doors with the only difference that they are made of aluminium frame and glass. The glass is fitted in the frame using the aluminium hinges that are perfect for entry doors. However, they are perfect for entry doors in the homes that have external wall protection.

These doors are perfect for the homes that are facing beautiful landscapes as they offer a panoramic view of the outdoor scenic beauty. However, these doors require space for opening on one side of the room.

Sliding doors

The sliding doors are great for outdoor settings like patios as they offer a clear outdoor view. They are also great for doors connecting the two rooms as they don’t occupy space. You can open them easily by sliding them on one side. However, the sliding mechanism requires some maintenance once a year for working smoothly.

You can use any kind of blinds or curtains over sliding aluminium doors. Moreover, it is easy to install the windows that allow the fresh air to enter without opening the door. Sliding doors are the best for areas with less space such as small kitchens and bathrooms.

Aluminium Bi-fold doors

The aluminium bifold doors are the doors that slide and fold simultaneously. The bifold doors are so called as they can fold inside or outside the room depending on how they are installed. However, unlike the sliding doors, they take some space inside or outside your room when you open them.

The main advantage of these doors is that they offer you a wide angle outside view without stepping outside. You can enjoy the outdoors sitting in your room. The aluminium bifold doors Parramatta are also best to use for rooms adjoining the outdoor areas, but you can also install them in the inside settings.

Aluminium Louvred doors

These are the doors that are made of aluminium slats only that are fitted in a frame. They are suitable for the entry doors and outdoor settings such as patios that need more security. These doors are made up of aluminium slats with no glass to make them more safe and secure.

The louvred doors are also used in vehicles like container vans. As the louvred doors are safer than the casement and sliding doors, you can use them for outdoor areas.  

Aluminium swing doors

The aluminium swing doors are similar to the casement doors with the only difference that they have a self-operating mechanism. You need to open them by pulling or pushing, and they close automatically on leaving. The benefit of these doors is that they are available in one-way and two-way variants. The one-way swing doors are opened only on one side while the two-way doors can be opened both ways. You can push or pull to open a two-way swing door.

Hinged aluminium doors

The hinged aluminium doors are like the ordinary doors except the difference that they are fixed to the frame using metallic hinges. They are made of aluminium only or in combination with glass. You need to buy good quality hinges while installing hinged doors as they support the weight of the door and the opening and closing mechanism.

Final Words

The aluminium doors offer you a plethora of benefits as compared to conventional wooden doors. The aluminium doors are highly durable and easy to operate whether installed in homes or offices.

They are not affected by the harsh weather conditions like storms, sun and rain which make them suitable for use in outdoor settings like patios and pergolas. Moreover, they are also suitable for use in moist areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

When used in combination with glass you can use them to enjoy the outdoor landscapes and scenic views sitting inside your home. The aluminium doors not only offer protection to your home but also improve its market value.

Types of Aluminium Doors for Residential Properties
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