What is Yoga and Limbs of Yoga

Yoga is the Meditation to Relax your Mind, Body And Soul, This is the process which let you connect with your Inner soul and spiritual world.
There are hundreds of Yoga Postures, like Breathing Techniques, and Meditation or Relaxation.

From the record of more than 5,000 years history of yoga, the periods of “yoga” has went through till present day subculture, and had made changing & also replaced the loincloth for a leotard and the leggings. Yoga has come into Light in The period of Golden Age, nearly about 26,000 years ago. And Has Impacted lot of lives who are in search for Inner freedom, or inner peace.

Yoga has become famous for exercises based on Asanas of Yoga they might be (Physical body poses or mental controls) to improve the control over mind as well as on body.

“Yoga” has been derived from the Sanskrit root ( YUJ ) means To be part of Unity.” there are Only few who can take this to intend to the kind of union thoughts and its frame.

While Practising Yoga Asanas You Will, Move One step Closer To Supreme Meditation, Yoga defines as having the 8 branches or limbs:

The 8 Limbs Of Yoga

  1. Yama : moral of standards and feel of integrity
  2. Niyama : Self Discipline and spiritual and religious and observances
  3. Asana : integration of thoughts and the body through bodily interest
  4. Pranayama : regulation of the breath main to the integration of thoughts and the body
  5. Pratyhara : withdrawal of senses and belief, and external world and out of yhe doors stimuli
  6. Dharana : awareness, and one-pointedness of the thoughts
  7. Dhyana : meditation or the contemplation – an uninterrupted glide of attention
  8. Samadhi : the quiet state of the glad awareness

Practicing Yoga It is Having many capacity for fitness and blessings together.

Few But Important things that each of us may be suffering are, Neck Pain, Back Pain, Lower Back Pain, Disc Problem’s, Parayalisis, Blood pressure Pressure, stress Problem’s, growing balance, Less Labour Pain.

That is the manifest of signs that including the tension, lethargy, or poor digestion Stomachs.

The theory is use as Asanas to to get power back to each of your physical and the Spiritual Parts and to stimulate an imbalanced
These are such few Blessings that may Helpful for You.

There are lot of evidence proof on YouTube to suggest pregnant ladies to Take taking yoga training classes for Later Pregnancy and Less Labor Pain.

It needs your Totally Dedication and heard work to reach to the top Level of Yoga Guru’s, On other side any one can join the yoga for being a yoga Practiser. or Yoga Student.

You can join [Yoga schools] and Learn form Yoga Instructors Like [ Chaten Yogi Mehash Ji ], he is the founder of Yoga Teacher Training Goa schools like IYM, AYM, BYS and other Yoga Schools at Goa and Reshikesh.

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What is Yoga and Limbs of Yoga
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