Why Should You Use CodeIgniter for Development?

Want to speed up your development with CodeIgniter? CodeIgniter is considered as one of the best open source framework that is free, fast and powerful. Today I am going to tell you why you should use CodeIgniter for development.

If you don’t know what CodeIgniter is and want to learn then you can join CodeIgniter Development Company that provide training also. But yes, if you know how to code using CodeIgniter and want to dig deeper about why you should use it, then I welcome you here.

If you will follow some of these tips and tricks of CodeIgniter then I am sure you will be able to explore it in deep and you will find it more and more easier compared to other frameworks.

So, let’s get started.

Top 6 Reasons of Why Should You Use CodeIgniter for Development?

You must be knowing that CodeIgniter includes some major components, using which you can develop fast solutions which are also cost effective.

  • It provides programming facilities:

If you are searching for an open source framework that includes programming functionalities of top-class, then you should know that CodeIgniter is the framework that includes all these functionalities and you are not required to do any type of configuration.

  • It is easy and you will not face any kind of difficulty:

Another reason behind why you should use CodeIgniter for development is, the framework is really easy, it does not have any operational issues. When compared with other frameworks, it is declared that CodeIgniter is quite easy from different frameworks and once you learn it completely, it will become easy for you to develop any kind of software.

  • It is MVC Architecture:

Developers loves to use those kinds of frameworks where they can manage files and folders easily, and CodeIgniter follows MVC Architecture so it becomes easy to keep your code clean and at one place.

  • No Server Required:

You can simply run your project at localhost until you don’t want to make your software live. There are many other PHP Frameworks that are good to use but the benefit in CodeIgniter is it works on PHP 4 and PHP 5 both.

  • One package many tools:

If you will use CodeIgniter, you will get many built-in tools like e-mail, zip coding, validation, uploading, session and many more things. So, if you are developing a software, it will become easy for you because you can directly use these many features and you don’t have to look for the third-party resources in order to do it. That is why we call CodeIgniter as “one package many tools”.  When compared with other frameworks, CodeIgniter is the only framework that includes all these features.

  • Provide in-built security tools:

You don’t need to worry about the confidentiality and security as there are already built-in tools available in CodeIgniter that provides in-built security feature. You can enable cookie encryption, session data handling, escaping SQL queries and much more things similar to this.

Mentioned above are the benefits of CodeIgniter, with this you will get a brief idea about why developers are moving on frameworks and how much it is easy and beneficial for you to develop software using a simple framework.

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Start working on CodeIgniter now if you don’t know from where to start then you can easily find lots of tutorials on the internet related to CodeIgniter and start your work.


Why Should You Use CodeIgniter for Development?
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